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Capsized Review

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Capsized developed by Alientrap is a two man indie game selling for around £8.00. The games from the get go offers a vast selection of modes to play around with. Campaign hands you the core storyline of the game. Survival mode tasks you with surviving hordes of alien monstrosities, while an additional death match accompanies it. Death match places you against a collection of bots scattered across one map, however no online play is available with this game mode.

The campaign follows a lone space explorer who crash lands on an alien world alone. With communication dead he sets off to discover and explore the alien world in hope to return to human company. The story is explained using though the gameplay, meanwhile introducing an end of level comic panels, they each convey their own subtle story segment with a slight humours tone.

The lone explorer is handed a jet pack with limited fuel and an energy grapple. The jet pack function the same as most games, needing a portion of fuel to create a healthy amount of propulsion. The grapple is surprisingly unique, allowing the lone space man to lift objects three times his size and fling them in any direction, he can also use the grapple to of course grapple to walls: unlike other games the grapple can be used with precision to fling him to out of reach areas when lacking fuel, adding an extra dimension to the exploration.
The explorer will pick up a vast amount of weaponry to fight of the hostile native creation. The standard pistol and assault rifle are all backed up with an alternate fire, the more unseals weapons feature the same. One favoured weapon is the multi firing home in rocket launcher, which the alternate fire can delay the explosion.
Levels offer many optional paths that the explorer can leap and hop around. The levels are lined with secret areas, the secret areas add to the end of level score with the addition of the time taken and pickups. Levels are vast canvases of colour and lush wildlife; they contain lush hand crafted back drops and intense lighting creating gorgeous backdrops which catch your eye from time to time.


The game offers its own unique style, allowing plays to play how they want and not forcing one specific play style. This feeling is only improved by the amusing and fascinating tools the players are handed with them.


With subtle humour and storytelling, lush graphics and a soft lulling sound track, it’s hard to fault the work that has gone into giving the Capsized character.


The game offers a nice selection for the eight pound mark, but nothing to keep you truly hooked excluding the core.


The game is a great unique experience for all, offering layers and layers of character setting it’s self apart from the mundane. The only issues I encountered during the game were the difficulty, which at points tested my patience even on the lower settings. This was caused from the alien species only form of attack to be swarming. Guns firing, insects swarming around me and further more aliens dashing towards me lead to way to many kerfuffles leading to a sad and dead spaceman.

For your Consideration

The game is great and with the amount of character in this game from two men, we can only hope that these two get the support they need to make another.


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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