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Criminal Minds Review

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Delving into the world of the FBI, it’s time to solve two cases with the help of the much loved criminal minds team. Developed by Legacy Interactive, this new hidden object game is great for those that enjoy the television shows. The aim is to solve the two available cases by searching for clues, interviewing suspects and evaluating the evidence available.

The case starts with a glimpse into the murder of the victim, allowing you to get a little insight. After that it is down to you and the team to find out what happened and put the criminal behind bars. Playing as each member of the team throughout, you are to look around the available areas to find clues about what actually happened and then piece them together.

Evidence is not simple to find throughout the game, it takes solving other smaller puzzles (such as finding a key to open a door or making a person happy before you can talk to them) in order to obtain the important evidence.

There are different miniature games to play throughout the game which leads to you progressing along in the current case. There are three important ones to take note of as follows;

Mah-jong – This small game appears when you need to interrogate a suspect or a useful source of information. Matching the green tiles will start a question sequence where the suspect will answer what has been asked. Once all the green tiled have been removed from the bored a summary of what you found out will be shown.

Make a path – This is kind of like the game called Pipes, where you have to make a path for the water to flow, where as in this you swap tiles around to get from one side to the other. All tiles must be used to complete the puzzle, but this must be completed in order to move along in the story.

Odd one out – In some areas of the game, some areas may be locked, (such as a safe or doors) in order to open them you need to select the odd picture from the others.

Throughout the game you get the chance to play as all of the characters from the series, you do not get to choose who you play as however, they change automatically. As well as the help from your fellow team members, hints are available for you to use when or if you are to become stuck. Hints reload themselves over time or by finding question marks in the hidden object scenes.

The main puzzle areas of the game are the hidden object games, although just like normal hidden object scenes, there is a slight twist. If the item to be found is highlighted as green it means that it can be found inside another object. However, if highlighted in blue it means the word needs to be unscrambled by finding the hidden question marks. Although you can work them out yourself and save the question marks for reloading your hints.

Game play 4/5

I thoroughly enjoyed the game, however I did find that it lacked some interaction, it would have been nice to choose the questions I wanted to ask my suspects instead of them having them automatically picked for me. There are two levels of difficulty but it could have been made it bit more difficult and interesting on the harder levels.

Music 3/5

I wasn’t really paying attention to the music, but with a game like this I found there would not really be much room for it to be used. The sounds that were present though fit the scenes well and added to the tension of solving the case.

Graphics 2/5

I felt the graphics were quite low in terms of quality especially in the cut scenes, it felt very forced and not so smooth running.

Closing Comments

I did enjoy the game, but would have loved it even more if there were more cases to solve and graphics that were a bit easier on the eye. I would recommend trying the game out first before actually purchasing it as not everyone will enjoy it.s

Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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