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Planet Crashers Review

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Planet Crashers is a turn based RPG developed by Renegade Kid and published by UTV Ignition Games for the 3DS eShop. The game is very much marketed more towards kids than adults and it keeps most of what it does quite simple because of that.

Firstly the game allows you to customize your character with various eyes, hairstyles and clothes. Anything you change about your character can be changed at a later date; so once you unlock some more options, you’ll be able to change your characters appearance without starting a new game.

The game itself takes the core mechanics of a turn based RPG and adds some quick time events to enhance or change the damage dealt; however this only affects your attacks. The game mainly revolves around questing, levelling and battling; with none of these being at any point too complex.

You pick up quests by either going to individual characters on a planet or by going to the planet’s billboard. There is only a finite amount of character quests and the billboard quests seem to be unlimited in number. Character quests will always reward you with either a skill, a weapon or both; they are pretty much main quests in regards to progression, as weapons get better as the quests get more difficult. There are also level limitations on these quests but towards the end of the game you will mostly have snowballed over these requirements and can normally pick up most quests on the new planets. Billboard quests however will only net you varying amounts of gold and exp; all depending on quest difficulty.

You will also have to mess around with accepting a quest before entering dungeons; just owning the quest will not mean you can go and complete it. The game makes you choose a single quest to do and failing to do that will mean going into dungeons and getting nothing in particular done. Equipping a quest is fiddly at best and it can be frustrating if you enter the wrong dungeon or don’t have a quest equipped and don’t realise. It just wastes time and is needlessly awkward.

Levelling is very tough early on but once you get to about level 15 things start to snowball exponentially. Whenever you level you are given a choice between two stat enhancements, it is always a total of +3 to stats but can be across two different stats ie +1 strength and +2 speed. It does try to keep you from underlevelling certain stats through the choices you are given; so you won’t find yourself defenceless or weak. The main issue is that the levelling is very slow to begin with, leaving many enemies very powerful. While later on you gain levels too quickly; leaving you smashing through areas and reaching max level well before the end of the game.

The combat revolves around stats, skills, weapons and items. The combat itself is a turn based; you get to choose one skill or action to do and then have a quick time event to boost the damage you do. Higher level skills will require different timings for QTEs and will either cause more or less damage depending on the type. Some require the QTE to hit, others just to boost damage but it does make certain moves much more powerful than others and some are just more reliable. Stats and weapons also will make a huge difference as enemies will be either be at an advantage or disadvantage to you depending on your stats and your weapon. The better your weapon and the higher your attack, the better you will do against enemies.

Items are scattered around the dungeons that you quest in and can also be bought and sold at the shop on each of the main planets. Potions are the only things you really need as they will need to be used quite generously during your dungeon crawling (normally at least one potion after each battle). Bucklers and food can also be used to give you a boost to your defence or strength respectively; though using them isn’t necessary as they only last the one battle and potions are the more mainstay mechanic.

Presentation and Audio

The game makes use of the 3D effect quite well; since the planets are spherical and you can travel across them quickly it make the 3D effect stand out quite well. The characters all have fun, and distinctive visual designs and the music and story work well in the wacky cross overs they have.


The gameplay can be incredibly boring and repetitive to begin with but opens up a little after about 10 levels and/ or you getting some new skills. The multiplayer online is practically always empty and is pretty boring as it ends up being just a singular battle. The fact potions are so integral to the gameplay can be a little awkward at first if you normally hoard gold but once you get into the swing of it becomes second nature to heal after every battle.


It’s a rather simplistic game but it is aimed at kids, and the gameplay is just about varied and interactive enough to keep you enjoying it once you get past the rocky start. It’s a nice little game and it’s easy to get into the habit of doing one more quest but it comes to a rather quick and abrupt end as well.


It’s very difficult to get into to begin with as everything points towards very repetitive gameplay but it lets up a little later on a becomes more enjoyable through the variety of skills introduced. The difficulty is also a little on the tough side to begin with and then lets up towards the middle of the game after it hits a high point just beforehand.

Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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