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Disney Epic Mickey 2 Gamescom 2012

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On behalf of Disney we are pleased to be able to share the new GamesCom 2012 assets for the highly-anticipated action adventure video game Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two for console and 3DS title Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion.

This includes the fourth ‘Behind The Scenes’ episode featuring developer Junction Point and and insight entitled “The Power Of Characters”.

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Characters – Behind The Scenes Video #4:

Introducing an area called “Gulch” – left behind when the thinner receded after the defeat of the Blot in the original Disney Epic Mickey. It is a twisted landscape of canyons and old forgotten Disney memorabilia that has fallen through to the land below.

Please note we have gameplay footage of this level if you require it for editing up short clips to cut with other material you have filmed – please contact us directly. We will need to approve this usage.

In London Skies, Mickey journeys through the city, leaping from rooftops to clouds, swinging on ropes, and dispatching enemies in his quest to rescue Toons, progressing through seemingly impossible challenges by clever use of paint and thinner.

Neverland Jungle is overtaking the Castle of Illusion, and Mickey will need to dodge moving crusher blocks, flying arrows, and other new enemies in his quest to rescue more Toons…

Paint and thinner will once again alter the universe when Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and Disney Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion launch in the UK on 23rd November 2012.

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