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Dollar Dash Preview

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A long, long time ago a young(ish) girl dreamt about what it would be like to rob a bank and how fun the heist could be, but the girl selflessly gave up on her dream. Then one day her dreams came true, she became a robber in the game Dollar Dash. Gathering money, bludgering friends, it was all she could ever want. Did you ever have thoughts like this? Then keep on reading as this is a preview designed for you!

In this top down multiplayer game developed by Candygun games and published by Kalypso media, it’s a race to the finish collecting as much cash as you can. So get your outfits at the ready, it’s time to start warming up those cash sacks and boxing gloves in preparation for launch.

With 30 maps to play, over 20 weapons to collect and many more things to discover throughout the game the three game options are sure to amuse you for hours on end (Dollar Dash, Hit n run and Save the safe). Be it a quick match against AI opponents or a match with friends online, there are modes to suit, even if you just want to practice your bashing skills.

Power ups found around each of the maps are extremely common, sometimes even more so than the occurrence of wads of notes. But that’s where the fun lies, will you find snowballs to pummel your opponents, fireworks to blow them up or bear traps to try and catch them in their rush attempt to stow their money on the van.

The game holds a very cartoony style about it combined with a dash of humour throughout. To keep in tune with the quirkiness of the game, robbers are easily customisable with gear such as hockey masks, Mohawks and many other accessories. As well as just improving on their looks, changing the winning dances is an option along with added perks throughout game play, such as speed boosts.

So far it seems to be just running around, hitting opponents and stealing money, but there is much more to the game structure than this. In save the safe mode the aim alongside attacking opponents is to hold the safe for the longest time, the longer you carry it the more cash you gain. Each level has different obstacles to overcome, for example; pit holes, moving grids, safe doors and much more.

For me the game reminded me of Crash Bash for the Playstaion 1, playing against friends or AI opponents. Having different little games to compete in just holds the fun of beating your friends to the top, just to see your character show off with their little victory dance.

So now you can see why that young(ish) girl was so happy to know there was a game to full fill what she had always wanted. Enjoy and remember this is just a game, do not repeat this in real life.

Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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