Thrustmaster Y-250P PS3/PC Headset Review

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  1. sanemi says:

    Hi, considering that we are on 2014, this headset is still better than Gold Wireless Headset from Sony? I currently have a PS3 and PC but i’m planning to buy the PS4 soon.

    1. admin admin says:


      To Be honest every headset is different based on everyone’s opinion, what I personally do, is read plenty of reviews and watch YouTube videos then choose from what I have understood. For me its comfort, size and looks … so have a look around first. This headset is great do not get us wrong and at the time when we reviewed it, we found the headset fantastic,

      Look at Turtle Beach headsets as well.. ok 🙂

      Good luck with choosing and which ever one you choose its up to the standard you expect.

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