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Urban Trial Freestyle Review

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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery

Trails evolution was the popular physics 2.5D motocross game of last year, was not a game that was going to cause you to write home, neither was it much difference from the previous Trails HD, apart from adding a higher amount of levels into the mix, so when Tate interactive released Urban trail freestyle, most would be forgiven for thinking it was the next iteration of the series, Urban is in all honestly, Trails with less, at first glance the game seems like it will play out differently, about tricks and the “free style” aspect, starting with a unknown character running from an unknown chaser, which is where most of the difference ends, you then start and the controls are 115611b_2identical to trails.

You play as your typical “urban” character with a bandanna and glasses, a character without character of course, though you can at least customize your bike by earning cash through the levels, though as with the rest of the game, most of the things the game adds doesn’t do much for game play.

Unfortunate that this is all the game has to offer that’s differently, unless you are a major fan of the series, and game-play there won’t be much to offer different, though the major change though is that Urban is not restricted to just PC and XBLA, this time its being released on every platform, from PS3 to 3DS which will help those poor ones who have always wanted to try the series, without having to pay for a new console, so this game will be a welcome addition to every other platforms list of wanted games.

Graphically the level design isn’t much difference, and in some areas fail to live up to trails layouts, lacking as many as technical jumps, but at the same times the levels never felt boring as the backgrounds of the levels just felt more lively , still there was a point around level 28 where they fail to change any more in a memorable way.

115601a_2In the sound department the game is pretty basic, the noise you heard most is going to be nothing but your engine revving through out the level, you have a few sound effects at the end of a level, music is few and far between, though the drone of the engine will get you reaching for the mute button and a music player to replace the lack of it.

One of the worse parts about this game is when the physic objects cause you more trouble than good, getting in your way, or generally throwing you off your bike without knowing exactly why, this causes more frustration more than helping you feel like your in control, and in a game like this control should be the name of the game, a game play honed to make the game feel good, to make it feel tight as well, which unfortunately is what Urban trail is not, again failing to live up to what its inspired from.

There is a problem with reviewing a game that is so close to the original where it becomes difficult to point out areas of the game that is different, as this game is very much a copycat game , it takes the formula that made Trails sell, but doesn’t quite deliver the same game, with a lower amount of levels, and a “free 11559level_3d_0025style” element where the jumps are automated, stopping you from doing any tricks, though if you are on other platforms with nothing else to choose from this game will be as close as you can get to the original, and as a copy cat game this game does what it does amazingly, so close that even I thought this was a sequel to the trials series, so whilst this game is not in the same league, it is by no way a bad game, when you look at it on its own the game is a great game, but once you compare it to Trails its faults start to show more than you would expect.

One thing I hope the developers do not choose to do it to add DLC into this game, though it would help the levels and could add some playability, though if a game is nothing more than a copy cat, it would be nice to see a game that decides to take a known well selling formula and actually work on and enhance the core game play, instead of making a game to try and ride on the tail coats of a better selling game.


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.


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