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Marvel Heroes Closed Beta Weekend Giveaway Keys

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Welcome to the Marvel Heroes Free 2 Play MMO Key Giveaway Page, we have a limited supply of first come first served keys to throw out to you, the gamers around the globe to get into the closed beta weekend starting on the 19th through to the 21st April 2013.

Its really simple to get access as well… just click the button and get your code


[keys id=19820]




How to Redeem Your Marvel Heroes™ Beta Key

1.    Register an account on MarvelHeroes.com

2.    After registration, click “REDEEM KEY” in the Account Management page

3.    Enter the key *exactly as shown* (including hyphens) and no space before or after

4.    Once you see the message “key redeemed successfully” click HERE to download the game client. Remember: While you will be able to install the game, you won’t be able to access the game until 4/13/13.
5.    If you encounter any problems, please contact support@marvelheroes.com


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