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King’s Bounty Warriors of the North Review

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When I saw the trailer for this game I thought the game looked really good so I give it ago. The first time I played it I was enjoying it because it was like no game I had ever played before. It kind of reminded me of Diablo the way the game plays out. The game itself is the next chapter in the king bounty saga so if you enjoyed the anyone of the other game I would probably recommended playing this one but unfortunately for me I didn’t have the chance to play any other king bounty game before playing this one so I went into it blind not knowing anything about the game before playing it (only what I saw from the trailer). The new game take place in Endoria that featured in the previous games it begins in the Viking lands, where they are celebrating hero Bill Gilbert visited during his famous quest in king’s bounty: The Legend (Spoiler Alert). Features that are new to this game are:

  • + A new Viking Race to play as
  • + New Hero Companions
  • +New lands to explore
  • + new school of magic
  • +New creatures, skills, awards and achievements

Game play

The game is a RPG/adventure, it is a click and move game which not going to lie can get very boring when it comes to playing it for a long period of time. Graphics and soundtrack are really good, brings the game to life and also gives it that medieval feel to it as well. The interface is placed across the bottom of the screen and it fits really well and holds all the information the player needs. You use the mouse a lot in this game because you have to click to move your character, click ss_3091b48cf79b3b852af64fb546fe414927732faf.600x338to talk to AI, Combat and also click to pick up items and objects that you find located round the map. The combat in this game is very weird and confusing, you control a team that is made up of different companions to fight for you against enemies that you come across but the way the combat flows out is like no game I have played before.

You click where you would like the companion to move to then when close enough click to attack enemies. Then the enemy will do the same with there team and it goes on until one of you has kill the others companions but the fights seem to go on forever and get boring really quickly also there is a auto fight button in the corner which I think is pointless because it removes the player from the game and it essentially becomes a film or program where you watch the fight and do nothing. Your character has skills and moral that can be used in battle to aid your companions but I couldn’t for the life of me find where to use it the only time it got used was in the auto attack mode which was very annoying also I didn’t even know this was possible until I click the auto attack button. Enemies on the game as well can be very high levelled from the get go which is very annoying because you cant see the level of a enemy before fighting it so you can go and fight an enemy to realise that its ten times stronger than you and you stand no chance of betting it which leads to dying a lot early game which put this player I’m sorry to say off the game. The camera can get very frustrating as well sometimes and I found that I had to click a few times on some items that I find on the floor because it wouldn’t pick them up the first time.

The Positives and Negatives

  • + Good idea for a game
  • + Control your own little squad
  • + Learn new spells and obtain new companions


  • -Combat is really dull and can get boring
  • – Don’t like that it’s just basically clicking a mouse
  • -Don’t like the camera
  • -The game from what I played didn’t entertain me

 The Score

This game is like no other RPG/adventure game I have played before, my own opinion unfortunately for this game is that it wasn’t to good or wasn’t my cup of tea. The game didn’t keep me involved in it enough, no character development and was just clicking a mouse over and over. I would say if you have played any of the other King’s Bounty games get this game because you will probably enjoy it or if you like any of the Diablo games but I wouldn’t recommended this game to anyone that is looking for an RPG because there are a lot of games out there at the minute that are better than this one. The game prices at £24.99 but I would not say to go spend that much on it maybe if your interested play one of the other games first before getting this one and see what you think or wait for the sale but this game was dull, got boring very quickly and I’m sorry to say I’m going to have to give it a scoring of 2/5.


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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