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E3 2013: Daedalic Entertainment presents first hands-on opportunities for Blackguards

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E3 2013: Daedalic Entertainment presents first hands-on opportunities for Blackguards

Blackguards, the upcoming turn-based RPG by Daedalic Entertainment, will be available for some very first hands-on play test opportunities at this year’s E3, the world’s leading expo for computer and video games: Developer and publisher Daedalic Entertainment today announces its activities during the show.

At Daedalic Entertainment’s booth (Concourse Hall, #6509), journalists and media representatives will also get the chance to get very first insights into Goodbye Deponia, a new point & click adventure taking place on the wonderful trash planet. Furthermore, Daedalic presents the fantasy adventure Memoria, as well as Gene Mocsy’s 1954: Alcatraz.

Blackguards, Daedalic’s upcoming turn-based RPG, shows what happens when the only hope of a threatened world is a bunch of criminals: Players control a convicted murderer who teams up with fellow jail-inmates and other outlaws. Together, they travel through the South of Aventuria, the fantasy world of the pen & paper RPG universe The Dark Eye. Blood-thirsty creatures and numerous other foes await them on more than 190 individual battle maps. Being developed by the storytellers of Daedalic Entertainment, Blackguards features a compelling and unique story- and quest-based experience, combined with classic, turn-based combat.

Blackguards is scheduled for release in Q3 2013.

In Goodbye Deponia, which will be released in Q3 2013, Rufus and Goal finally have their ends in arms reach: finding a way to Elysium and to save Deponia from certain destruction.
But Rufus seems to have polished his unmatched talent to wreak havoc on everybody and everything. Thus, instead of his big triumph, another heavy setback awaits him. For the first time in his life, he starts doubting himself.

But Rufus wouldn’t be Rufus if he’d just give up like that! Still…to clean up this pile of problems he’d need to exist threefold….

Memoria tells the tale of princess Sadja of the faraway-land of Fasar, who once ventured into war to fight demons in the Gorian Desert.  Her goal – to become the greatest hero of all time – was foiled under mysterious circumstances.  Something had occurred, the girl disappeared and her tale was eventually forgotten.

Five centuries pass, until one day Geron, a young bird catcher, meets a traveling merchant named Fahi in his native forest. This merchant promises to turn Gerons girlfriend Nuri, who has been transformed into a Raven, back into human form. But this favour comes at a price: Geron has to finally solve the mystery of Sadja’s fate.

He agrees without hesitation – unknowing that this will trigger a chain of events that will soon cast a shadow on his homeland and turn his present into a dark image of its long forgotten past…

1954: Alcatraz takes place in 1950’s San Francisco. Joe was sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment due to an armed robbery and he is eager to break out of “The Rock”. Therefore, he needs help from his wife Christine who is facing her own problems in San Francisco. Their gangster fellow Mickey threatens Christine to kill her if she refuses to hand over the swag. However, where is the loot? Joe only knows where the hideout is and, therefore, the entire North Beach is searching for the jackpot.

Nobody ever broke out of Alcatraz before. In addition, nobody succeeded in outsmarting Mickey. Will our heroes be successful in getting the swag and to disappear with it? Bad luck rarely comes unaccompanied; drug deals, blackmail, suicide and homicide are daily fare in San Francisco.

About Daedalic Entertainment

In its Hamburg-based studio, Daedalic Entertainment develops, publishes and markets high-quality computer- and videogames to a world-wide player-base. The main focus lies on the production of exceptional entertainment-software with strong narratives.

With titles such as Chaos on Deponia, Harveys New Eyes, Chains of Satinav and Edna and Harvey: The Breakout, Daedalic has been able to set new standards in adventure gaming and has been awarded with no less than 17 German Developer Awards (amongst others as “Studio of the Year” 2009), four German Computer Game Awards and a European Games Award.  As a publisher Daedalic brings unusual and exceptional titles such as Torchlight II, Botanicula and Tales of Monkey Island to the German market.


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