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Rezzed 2013

Photos From Rezzed 2013

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Nathan and Charlie have just arrived at Rezzed and decided to take a picture to show the size of the place!


Just after opening time on day one and gamers are already getting down and dirty with what is on show! These guys are having a go at the new Might and Magic game Duel of Champions Online.


Fighting the crowds at Rezzed proved quite the challenge, whether we were Press or not; these were some pretty dedicated gamers! 

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We took some time out from the show floor to see the results from the awesome Creative Assembly Game Jam at Rezzed, where developer teams were given just 9 hours to create a game under the theme of “The 80s”. The results were amazing!


The Sir, You Are Being Hunted stand seemed to be one of the most popular at the show, with crowds almost constantly being present, but whether they were drawn in by the game or the cool suits the developers were wearing was unclear…


Revenge of the Sunfish 2 was one of the strangest games on show at Rezzed (and there were some pretty strange games!). People seemed to be attracted by “trippy” game and there were mixed reactions from those who were watching.


PuppyGames brought four of their titles to the show, and their stand became crazily popular among some of the more competitive gamers who became locked in a battle to take the highest score by the end and win a Google Nexus tablet!


Project Zomboid, the top down “realistic” take on zombie survival, opened its arms to a lot of its supporters at the show, including our own Mr Ewing who went straight to fan boy mode when we went in for an interview!



It was not just video games on show at Rezzed; some avid tabletop, card and board game fans had come along to play and see what was around in that market.


Undercurrent, one of the games in the Leftfield Collection, became very popular with its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset on show. The game certainly made a strong step on its road to success with the level of attention it received at Rezzed!


Silhouette was a neat little local multiplayer game in the Leftfield Collection. One player took on the role of a killer trying to catch and kill the other. The second player had to try and find a key and escape the house before the killer caught them.



icefishing v was an intriguing project at Rezzed which combined sound and unusual visuals to create a game which really drew you in to its strange world as soon as you sat down to play…



Recently released Reus was also part of the Leftfield Collection. The unique world building game attracted a lot of gamers who had head about the game and wanted to see what it was all about.


Morphopolis was a beautifully drawn puzzle game at the show which attracted our attention. The game sees the player take the role of a series of insects, growing in size, completing a variety of hidden puzzles to make their way through the game.


Luminesca was a game at the show which focussed around the use of light to complete underwater puzzles. The lighting in this game really was amazing, especially the gradual increase in light as you swam towards the water’s surface.


Probably the most relaxed stand at Rezzed, and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful games on show there, two-dimensional paper-folding adventure game Tengami was certainly one of Nathan’s favourite games of the event.


Eador: Masters of the Broken World is a turn-based strategy game based in a fantasy world. It was fairly popular at Rezzed, but has a lot of competition in the market at present with turn-based strategy making its grand re-entrance to gaming.



Worms Clan Wars was always likely to be popular at Rezzed, and gamers were very excited to get a look at the next instalment in the classic franchise. The Team 17 crew also brought a giant worm with them to the show; a cool but slightly scary idea!


Total War Rome II appeared to take over the most space and the most developer sessions at Rezzed this year. The new game in the franchise appeared to receive a positive response and is certainly looking like another positive step forwards for it.


If it could be said that one game at Rezzed “stole the show”, then Surgeon Simulator 2013 would be that game. Both experienced gamers and those who had only heard about the game gathered to play it, and the Oculus Rift which the stand was boasting caused constant queues throughout both days. Charlie was lucky enough to try it!


Nathan is a passionate gamer and writer, who has been producing content for Invision since his first year of University over five years ago. He enjoys the opportunity to make personal connections with the developers and publishers that he works with, and is often praised for the high-quality of work that he produces. Now working as a Senior Staff Writer for Invision, Nathan's continues to grow as a writer and administrator for the site, and continues to connect with the wider gaming industry.

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