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3DS Review

Project X Zone Review

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‘Project X Zone’ classed as crossover tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo 3DS, the game is brought to us by the Monolith the developers behind ‘Xenoblade’ for the Nintendo Wii and the upcoming title X for the Nintendo Wii U. Project X Zone is a follow-up to the successful PlayStation 2 title ‘Namco X Capcom’ back in 2005. The game brings together over 50 well-loved characters from Development studios Namco Bandai, SEGA and Capcom. Get to grips with playing characters from Street Fighter, Virtual Fights, Shining Force, Resident Evil, Tekken, classic Mega man and more.

3DS_ProjectXZone_39Bringing together so many characters into one place and chucking a story in there as well, just does not work and you will understand why when you play it yourself.  Now the question has to be why and how all of these characters have come to be together, well this is confusing and we shall do our best to give you what we understood.  Ok we find out that a Portalstone has been stolen and dimensional rifts have been opening up through time and space and throwing out our Heroes and Villains with no real reason as to why. It also seems to us that our Heroes are just plain dumb as they jump from one time to another time without any questionable doubt in the minds as to why.

Now with their being so many characters, with so many back stories and the chances of you knowing each and every single one is doubtful, but do not worry wiki has it covered oh yes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_X_Zone). We did find something’s rather funny and eye-popping, like the well-endowed breasts of Princess Kaguya Nanbu from Endless Frontier& Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers. Arthur from Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins randomly walking around in his underwear to frank from dead rising taking pictures of all the girls and making his own erotic photo album.

3DS_ProjectXZone_29What lacks in story telling makes up with highly addictive combat, using what is called a Cross Active Battle System.  By pressing Button A along with the circle pad will allow you to perform up to 5 combo moves… you also have special moves these are activated by filling up your Power XP Gauge. The power Gauge is also used to counter an attack, take less damage from an attack or fully defend from an attack to concentrating on this is well advised. Other gameplay elements include the ability to call on support from nearby units, an ability called Cross Hits; this totally freezes the enemy in place while you pull off a multitude attacks.  Critical hits can be scored by hitting the enemy with the next combo just before they hit the ground.

Project X Zone has removed the use of Maps, stores and random battles which you associate with most RPG’s of late and chucked in over 40 Chapters a game mode plus and hard mode.  The first couple of battles are easy to complete and pretty short in length, this all changes from chapter 8 onwards as battles can easily take over 1hour to complete. The complete battle system is super easy to use and very deep, from choosing extra team members to join different pairs or adding special bonus’s to each group to increase stats, decrease poison damage and much more.

3DS_ProjectXZone_27Each Battle consists primarily of a scene where a bunch of characters will be portaled into, and then the enemies will either already be there or will arrive just after with a boss in tow. Give it five minutes or a few battles into the chapter more enemies will arrive with another boss or two. This is the basic of every fight, scene, characters, enemies, boss, more enemies another boss, kill them all then portal out. You do sometimes get a change like kills a boss in a specific number of moves, or even killing a certain enemy first over others, however this is very rare.

Now the one thing that kept me glued to the game was the animation within the battles and wanting to see every characters special move. The other was being able progress and upgrade each group that you have managed to unlock, level them to become more powerful and create the best pairings for maximum damage output. However nothing compares to the thrill you get when a new pair appears within a chapter, that you have not yet played.On times you can have a total of five characters on the screen at once within a battle, one being the solo character that you have attached to the pair currently in battle, the other two would be the characters that are closest to you on the world zone, this makes the on-screen animation bloody amazing with no slow down what so ever.

3DS_ProjectXZone_02Bringing together such an array of character brings a tear to my eye, however not having a story that you can easily understand or follow upsets us, personally being a massive Street Fighter Fan being able to play these characters, like Ryu and Ken and more, within a tactical strategy game was just pure admiration. The game flowed very well  when it came to the battles with no slowdown of any kind regardless of how many characters where on the screen fighting. The music score used for the game is absolutely brilliant and really makes the battles more immersive and fun, if you use the 3D option then expect even more greatness. You have a total of 15 save game slots, if you will actually use all 15 is beyond us, we used 3 in total, one for main save and one for quick save and one just because we could.

Then we have the voice acting, now some will feel that having all the game characters speak Japanese  for a EU launch is a bit a con, I personally  felt it made the game feel more at home rather than getting some half-baked voice to actors to do an English translated version. Project X Zone did not do so well over in japan for some reason and Namco have currently said nothing about DLC, so we hope that the game does great in NA and EU just so Namco will consider creating content for their adoring fans.

Buy the game on the Nintendo eShop by scanning the QR CodeQRCodes_3DS_ProjectXZone_qr_code_image


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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