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Deadpool Review

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Deadpool: “It’s about time; this review was meant to be up at the same time as my game, saying how awesome it is and how much of a bad ass I actually am”.

Deadpool voice 1:“Mmm Deadpool don’t you think that would be hard for a reviewing company”

Deadpool: “What?! Hell no! I hear this review site has some of the best reviews out there so I’m expecting an exploding review”.

Deadpool voice 2: “I wouldn’t build your hopes up, I hear the guy reviewing our game is a newbie, he only started a few months back”.


Deadpool Voice 1: “Yeah , lets tell them we want a professional doing this review”.

Deadpool Voice 2: “Here we go again….”

Deadpool: “So High Moon said I have to deal with this myself… right I’m going to Invision HQ myself then.”

Deadpool voice 1: “A road trip? I like the sound of that.”

Deadpool voice 2: “I don’t…”

Deadpool: “So this is Invision HQ, quite a small place – was expecting it to be bigger…”

Deadpool voice 1: “Looks like no one is home, should we..”?

Deadpool: “Already ahead of you there… que theme music.”

Deadpool: Voice 1: “Did you find the guy who’s doing the review”?

Deadpool: “Says on the system it is some guy called Craig Edwards, man he looks like a noob, we need to go sort this guy out.”

Deadpool Voice 2: “Let me guess another trip? Hope you packed sun cream.”

Deadpool: “What do I need sun cream for? My skin is protected any way by this suit numskull.”
Deadpool Voice 2: “Just don’t want us to burn that’s all.”

Deadpool Voice 1: “Haha burn.”


Mean while at Invision HQ Craig Edwards sits down to start his review of Deadpool: The Video Game

Craig Edwards: “Finally a super hero game I can be happy spending my money on. Hello I’m Craig and this is my…”


Deadpool Voice 1: “There he is! The newbie writing the review for our game.”

Deadpool: “Really?? You ruined my entrance. It was going to be amazingly awesome.”

Deadpool Voice 1: “Sorry…”


Craig Edwards: “Oh my god I can’t believe it. It’s Deadpool in the flesh; I’m such a big fan.”


Deadpool: “Yeah kid that sweet and all but we only pay attention to the female fans.”

Deadpool Voice 1: “Yeah female fans… topless fan girls.”

Deadpool: “Good call!”

Deadpool Voice 2: “Oh boy!”


Craig Edwards: “Well what can I do for you Mr Wilson” ?


Deadpool: “Don’t call me that. Its Deadpool kid… and the reason I have come here is to write a review that tells the viewer’s everything that they need to know about my game.”


Craig Edwards: “What… why can’t I be the one to write it”?


Deadpool Voice 1: “To be honest kid, we want someone better to write it for us”

Deadpool: “Yeah only I know the pure awesomeness that is our game, so move over kid!”


Craig Edwards: “Mr Deadpool sir, I don’t think so. This is my review and I’m going to review the game my way, understand”?


Deadpool: “Look kid, who do you think you’re talking to? Why I oughta!!”

Deadpool voice 2: “Deadpool give the boy a chance, he hasn’t even started it yet.”

Deadpool: “Alright you got one chance kid, make it count.”


Craig Edwards: “Thank you. Now where was I? Oh yeah, finally a superhero game that I feel is worth every penny.”


Deadpool: “Penny… more like millions.”


Craig Edwards: “Please Deadpool…”


Deadpool: “Fine. Continue.”


Craig Edwards: “Deadpool is an action based beat ‘em up game that allows the player to play as…”


Deadpool: “Me, that’s right player, the one and only Deadpool.”


Craig Edwards: “Yes Deadpool we get it… you’re amazing. Can I get on with my review now please? Thank you. The game is developed by High Moon Studios, which you would have heard of if you have played the recent Transformers games such as Dark of the Moon or Fall of Cyber…”


Deadpool: “Hey kid, we’re reviewing my game… so less about these silly robots and more Deadpool, comprende”?


Craig Edwards: “The games story was in fact written by a former Deadpool comic writer Daniel Way, and the character himself is voiced by legend Nolan North. For those of you who don’t know who Deadpool is I shall give you a quick overview.”


Deadpool: “Really? An overview of me? Players don’t need an overview. Everyone knows who I am! Just skip this part kid and tell them about the part in the game where I…”


Craig Edwards: “Deadpool don’t ruin the game for people, you don’t want to tell them every little detail or else there will be no point in them playing the game.”


Deadpool Voice 2: Silly man.


Craig Edwards : “Right for people who know about the “legend” himself move on to the gameplay section, but if you want to know more… then stick around this general area. Deadpool, aka Wade Winston Wilson, (man talk about alliteration and tongue twister) is a mercenary or anti-hero. He is also disfigured, which you can’t really tell because of the suit that he wears, on top of that he is also mentally unstable, but in the comics that he has appeared in and in this spectacular game he is very talkative and has a lively nature and has a knack for “breaking the fourth wall”. Deadpool, in my eyes, is one of the funniest and most awesome characters to come out of the Marvel universe.”


Deadpool: *Yawn* I dozed off there for a while because you were boring me… what you talking about?

Deadpool voice 1: Hey… he’s calling us mentally unstable!!!

Deadpool: WHAT?! Who do you think you are calling us mentally unstable punk? And disfigured? You’re letting yourself into a world of pain here.

Deadpool voice 2: He’s saying it as it is… give the kid a break.

Deadpool: But… disfigured?! I can give Wolverine a run for his money when it comes to looks.

Deadpool voice 2: Yeah sure we can… continue Craig, I’ll sort this out.




Deadpool:Right gameplay, I’m sure I can take it from here buddy.”


Craig Edwards: “Oh no sorry company rules, this is my review and my review only”


Deadpool voice 1: “Your review yeah right, I hear he uses some device to help him with his spelling. It’s called “spell check”

Deadpool voice 1: “Aww, he called me a geneus”

Deadpool voice 2: “Craig… it’s spelt ‘Genius'”


Craig Edwards: “Oh my bad. Just spell check that and there we go. Spell check genius. Thanks.”


Deadpool Voice 2: “You’re welcome.”

Deadpool: “whose side are you on? Maybe you would like to jump inside his mind instead!”

Deadpool voice 1: “Yeah.”

Deadpool voice 2: “Maybe I will.”

Deadpool: “What you say”?

Deadpool voice 2: “Nothing…”


Craig Edwards: “OKAY… moving on. Deadpool’s gameplay this is just simply brilliant, the way the game pans out is amazingly. A reason for this is because of Deadpool’s constant breaking of the fourth wall. You will be playing the game and he will be interacting with you in a way that I have never seen a game pull off before. An example of this is pretty much from the word go. From the start he is telling you to press buttons to get a move on with the game. He also hints to the player how he would go about doing certain tasks and if you’re not playing the game the way he wants you to… you’ll know about.”

Craig Edwards: “Now let’s talk about….”


Deadpool: “All the explosion!!! And how I F**K S**T UP”


Craig Edwards: “Right I don’t know whether I can keep the swearing in Deadpool, so I’m going to…”


Deadpool: “come on leave it in.”

Deadpool voice 1: “yeah. Who cares about a little swearing, big fat Cu…”


Craig Edwards: “No, please stop. Yes Deadpool, I’m getting onto the explosion shortly”


Deadpool: “Good.”

Deadpool voice 1: “Don’t know what he’s crying bought, was only going to say cucumber”

Deadpool voice 2: “but that isn’t a… you know what I give up.”


Craig Edwards: “Deadpool’s arsenal is simply sublime.”


Deadpool voice 1: “Alright Gay”


Craig Edwards: “With his trademark swords and guns, which he pretty much takes everywhere with him”


Deadpool: “Even in the bath.”


Craig Edwards: “Don’t know why they viewers need to know that but ok…”


Deadpool: “It’s for the ladies”

Deadpool voice 1: “You know like a mental image”

Deadpool voice 2: “Don’t think he needs it spelling out for him.”


Craig Edwards: “Guys please… I’m trying to review here. Right, with his swords and guns the player is able to combine the two or even just use the swords to show off what Deadpool can really do. They have even thrown in a sledgehammer for the player to pretty much have endless fun in killing enemies, there is one other weapon that I just simply love but I won’t spoil it for you…”


Deadpool voice 1: “It’s a laser gun”


Craig Edwards: “Cheers pal… there can’t be any secrets with you guys can there. Now that somebody mentioned it, yes you will have a laser guns at your disposal. On top of all the awesome combo’s that can be simply put together by mashing the various buttons…”


Deadpool: Why not instead of saying mashing, you say using you immensely enhanced skills of timing and precision


Craig Edwards: “Thanks but no thanks”


Deadpool voice 1: Oh, I prefered you one anyway

Deadpool: I know right, what a dweeb



Craig Edwards: “In other words combo’s can really easily be put together and make for an awesome viewing experience. You can also peform finish moves with each weapons that brings out even more Deadpool into the game.Another thing that stood out for me in this game was the appearnace of the Xmen. This added even more fun and humour to the game. With Wolverine, Rouge and more, Deadpool interacts with them in a way that is just pure gold and most of the time while playing this game I was in stitches.”


Deadpool voice 1: “How can you be in stitches… makes no sences”

Deadpool voice 2: “Really you having ago at him for not making sences… what has this world .ome to”?


Craig Edwards: “The little move referances as well are a pile of fun and really cool if you notice them. I will tell you one film referance, ET, but I wont tell you where it comes up. Oh yeh and before I close off my review, I have to put this in so that Mr Deadpool is happy, the game is 100% packed full with


but don’t forget the bouncy castle.”



  • + It packed full of Deadpool
  • + So many reference to other films/games that it makes it a really funny experience
  • + gameplay and combos play out really smooth and can be linked together to make amazing on screen battles


  • – I found it very short, could have been a bit longer
  • – don’t like how red the screen goes when close to death, makes game hard to play (can’t see anything)
  • – Main storyline didn’t really catch me but the whole lotta Deadpool made up for it


Craig Edwards: “This game was simply the game of all games, if you’re a Deadpool fan it’s a must get and if you’re not a Deadpool fan what you doing with your life”?


Deadpool voice 1: I like this guy

Deadpool voice 2: He knows his S**t


Craig Edwards: “It’s everything that you get from the comics and more, gameplay is smooth, easy to master and can give you hours of fun. I’m want to tell you more about the game but I can’t without spoiling it. For the price of £30.00 it is well worth every single penny. I’m giving this game a whopping 5/5.”


Deadpool: Wait hold on, only a 5, it should be getting like a quadrillion or something not just a 5.

Deadpool voice 2: You do know that 5 is the max rating score on this website

Deadpool: Oh, okay I will let him off, you did good kid, maybe you can write the review for our next game

Deadpool voice 2: If we get one that is

Deadpool: Of course we will, we alone have made High Moon the richest company in the universe, so we must get a sequel.

Deadpool voice 2: We shall see


Craig Edwards: “Well It was nice having you here Deadpool but… you can go now.


Deadpool: Okay, Okay were going, just got one question for you though


Craig Edwards: “What’s that?


Deadpool: You said earlier in the review that we are mentally unstable”


Craig Edwards: “Yeah because you are


Deadpool: That maybe, but if I’m mentally unstable and can hear voices….”


Craig Edwards: “Yeah… gets to the point


Deadpool: I will if you let me finish… If I can hear voices and so can you doesn’t that make you mentally unstable too.”


Craig Edwards: “mhmm”


Deadpool voice 1: “Hahahaha”

Deadpool voice 2:  “Adding water to the burn”

Deadpool: “Stay in school kid, I’m out of here, Deadpool for president ya’ll, Peace”



Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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