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Pre-Purchase Total War: Rome II to Receive Exclusive Team Fortress 2 Content

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Those who pre-purchase Total War: Rome II through Steam will receive a wreath in the Team Fortress 2 inventory. Once equipped, the look of TF2 will be totally Rome II’d! Please see the Valve blog post below and the attached screenshot to see what we mean.

Invasion of the Rome-Bots

You don’t need to read a history book to know that Rome was a thriving empire bent on conquest, or a rich fantasy world populated by minotaurs, cyclopses and hobbits. Either way, you don’t need a fancy history degree to know it was probably one of those.

You also don’t need to go to four years of BS history school to get an all-class laurel wreath. You just need to pre-purchase Total War: Rome II. Once you get the wreath, try equipping it in a game of Mann vs. Machine to watch history come alive with an authentic Rome-Bot Invasion. You don’t have to be a fat know-nothing history professor to figure out that we painstakingly researched every single aspect of these Ancient Roman robots for 100% historical accuracy, from going to the library only to find it closed to remembering stuff about that trip we took to Italy once, which is probably close to Rome.

So pre-purchase today to get your laurel, and sock it to those history majors who think they know more about Ancient Rome history than you just because you dropped out of their stupid history college after one semester and they got a smelly diploma.


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