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Just Dance 2014 Review

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Just dance is back once again for the Nintendo Wii, Wii U, Microsoft Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the game will also be hitting the PS4 and Xbox One sometime in November. Now do not get me wrong I should be the last person that should stand up and play this game, but then again I have just started to get fit again and was told this would help me as well.

K-bigpicThe gameplay is very basic and simple and suitable for all family members to get in on the fun. All you do is dance to the rhythm and follow the on screen dance moves to obtain X, OK, GOOD or PERFECT ratings. The game does require some additional extras; for the Xbox 360 you will need the Kinect Sensor and for the PlayStation 3 you would need a motion controller.

Just Dance 2014 returns with a whole host of game modes to play which include the likes of Dance Quests (Go on quests with your trousers above your belly button, and be judged by Simon Cowell and other judges from the likes of the X Factor), Dance Battle (gather your friends and family around and re-enact the Battle of Waterloo and other epic battles to the likes of ‘Blame It On The Boogie’), Dance Mashup (cook some spuds and mash them up to the beat of the music; don’t forget to add milk, cheese and butter), Puppet Master Mode (Grab a puppet and dance. No, seriously), Alternative Mode (stand still and do nothing; not too hard unless you’re a teenager with ants in their pants) and Dancer Card (put a card on the floor and do the tribal rain dance, if it don’t rain you are doing it wrong)…

OK Seriously this is what they really do, even though mashing potato and being judge by Simon Cowell does seem rather fun.

Dance Quests: Within songs you need to complete missions, each mission completed gains you MoJo points.

Dance Battle: Bring together two songs, battle it out in three rounds, whoever has the most victories wins.

Dance Mashup: Dancers from the past and present come together and put the moves into one routine.

Puppet Master: Control what happens in the screen as the Puppet Master.

Alternative Routines : Bring in alternative routines which can be unlocked

Ubisoft have added a ton more features to the game as well like the new On Stage mode, where the spot light is on you with two backup dancers. You need to sing, dance and perform to a track which then allows you, the ‘star’, to acquire points. It’s your call how you decide to play out your performance; be professional and show off you skills or play up with family and friends and mess it up, you decide.

justdance2014_screenshot_xboxone_troublemaker2_e3_130610_4h15pmptWorld Dance floor is the Just Dance 2014 online multi-player mode. Pit yourself against the best of the best across the globe and battle it out, or just dance together just for the fun of it. Make it competitive if you wish and join a crew… not a pirate crew but it may be possible to make one if you all dress up as them, but  back to the facts, whether it’s boys vs. girls or boys vs. boys and girls vs. girls or simply the boring Crew A vs. Crew B.

Another mode is Just Dance TV. Yes, you get a free TV when you spend £400 on Just Dance 2014 at any good retail outlet that sells TV and Games! Seriously, no, but you can. Just Dance TV lets you browse and share your Favorite Moves. I uploaded the daddy dance and the chicken dance, possibly the best dances I could do. A new addition to Just Dance TV is the new Themed channel which allows the very best uploads, which does not mean mine, to rise to the top in what the game calls an all-new spotlight channel. You can also share any video you find on to your favorite social media outlets, not all of them, just two, Twitter and Facebook, and if you feel like it you can also choose to receive notifications when all new content becomes available.

f2fb5e07You feeling unfit like me? Well, Just Sweat Mode is back to burn those calories while dancing and this time the mode is available within any game mode you choose, so you can track how much you lose regardless of what mode you decide to play.

All you karaoke fans out there will be happy if you have an Xbox 360 or PS3, as this does not work with the Nintendo Wii as it does not have a Microphone. So this is fun, the game gives you Mojo Points based on how good you are, so really if you think you are good but you are really tone deaf then be warned this will tell you! I tried this and I have to admit it, I’ll never get a chance on Britain’s Got Talent.

Now the final feature; Autodance. Yes, Ubisoft have employed a shed of lookalikes, so when you turn on Autodance a look-a-like will knock on your door and take over. Well I wish that was the case but this is simply a video editor, so you can add borders, change colours and much more, it’s rather fun.

So does this game contain a load of awesome tracks to dance too? Well the Ladies I invited around loved them, their kids also loved the majority of them, and low behold some of then I even liked, so the game does cater for a pretty wide audience. In total there are over 45 tracks and the one for me was the Ghostbusters theme tune, which was played once. The rest of the time the girls played with the game and all I got to hear and dance to was the likes of Justin Bieber, One Direction, Lady GaGa and Katy Perry.

Overall the game is a lot of fun to play by yourself, with friends, family or online with players from around the globe, and it is a good way to get fit and burn calories. There is a shed load of content to dig into and keep you coming back for more; a great way to get people off their butts and on to the dance floor. As with all Just Dance games this is awesome for parties or a general get together with friends. I cannot fault it, the game made me sweat, lose calories, made me look like a right plonker and entertained the kids for a few hours.


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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