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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

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Please welcome back one of the Nintendo’s most iconic game characters, the same character from the outstanding adventure game on the N64 that gained widespread critical acclaim and is considered to be one of the most momentous video games of all time. If you are a little confused and do not have a clue what I am talking about, then please go away and don’t bother reading anymore, If you do then pull up a seat, get yourself a drink and get ready to welcome back ‘Link’, in a brand new RPG adventure ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds’ for the Nintendo 3DS

3DS_ZeldaLBW_1001_03 3DS_ZeldaLBW_NBD_Hilda

The Legend of Zelda: Link between Worlds is the sequel we have all been waiting years for, from the very first outing back in 1992 on the good old Super Nintendo ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past’. The game brings to us a whole new way to explore the land of Hyrule and introduces all new abilities. The developers have yet again created a masterpiece which strengthens the Zelda series, while also managing to reinforce why the Nintendo 3DS/2DS is a much have system for all avid gamers.

Links awakes from his slumber and is late for work, as you step outside you house, you are instantly introduced to the Weather Vane which allows you to save the game, and in time acts as something else, further in the review you will find out what else that is. You get to your job late and are asked to complete an errand; this is where the main story all starts, as a cut scene introduces Yuga ‘NOT YODA’, who has one simple goal to seek perfection nothing less.


As the start of the story concludes you end up back in your house and will be introduced to Ravio, who in the end changes your nice home into a damn shop, “cheeky little Bugger” , but not any kind of a shop and Loan Shop. Now what is the point in this damn stranger first asking to stay with you then converting you house into a shop well simple to loan out items to help you on your quest.


So what can you loan from Ravio? The stranger that now owns your house:

  • The Bow, which you do get free before you enter the eastern palace, the item will allow you to kill electrified enemies, hot switches and kill bosses.
  • Bombs can be used for blowing up hidden hideaways and taking out enemies.
  • The Boomerang this is hand to collect items from afar or stun, this item is great for collecting heart pieces around Hyrule.
  • The Hammer has a change ability which can be used to kill most enemies, but it can also be used to knock pegs into the ground.
  • The Hookshot is a key item for the completion of the game so grab as soon as you can.
  • The Tornado Rod, creates a Tornado and allows you to lift off into the air, you will need this item to complete the boss within the House of Gales.
  • The Ice Rod, allows you to freeze enemies and put out flames.
  • The Fire Rod produces a wave of fire that will hit a multiple amount of enemies and finally the Sand Rod which is used within desert areas to create blocks of sand which Link can walk on; it’s also a requirement to open the Desert Palace.

All items loaned from Ravio have a regenerating mechanic, so once you have used an item the item will slowly regenerate its power back. Loan items cost as little as 50 Rupees and up to 100 Rupees and everything in the end can be purchased, Rods can also be upgraded by paying 800 Rupees to Mother Maiamai. On a side note try not to die, as Ravio will send his trusty pet to collect his items, this in turn means you will have to pay again to Loan the items.

3DS_ZeldaLBW_1001_03 3DS_Zelda_ALBW_1031_ScreenShot_01 3DS_ZeldaLBW_NBD_StreetPass_03

So the introduction of items has added a new way to experience the game, but that’s not the only thing that has changed, maps for dungeons have gone, as now the dungeon layout is now available from the get go. Does it make the dungeons any easier?  Like hell it does, they are still full of traps, puzzles and many ways to use Links new ability’s. Dungeons are beautifully design and fun to play through; even the dreaded water temple is fun for once. Of course no dungeon is complete without a boss to take all your frustrations upon; Link Between Worlds bring us a set of new bosses and old bosses from the original game A Link to the Past to challenge us.

3DS_Zelda_ALBW_1031_ScreenShot_02 3DS_Zelda_ALBW_1031_ScreenShot_04 3DS_Zelda_ALBW_1031_ScreenShot_06

With the availability of loan items thanks to Ravio you now have the opportunity try out endless ways to topple that old or new boss. I will not spoil the ending for you of course, but the boss is truly fun and will challenge any worthy hero.

The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds allows you to experience the game how you wish, you are not forced to go here and do this, you are free to do what you want, explore where you want and try any boss you please, if you find the boss a little bit too hard don’t threat just get out, grab yourself some more hearts for health and go back and take your vengeance on that evil piece of shit.

The biggest change to the game has to be the introduction of allowing Link to merge into walls and become more or less a piece of art that can move. After speaking to Princess Zelda and your quest starts to save Hyrule, you get to meet Yuga again and this time, he turns you into a picture and this is where the new ability takes effect. The new ability allows you to traverse along walls, across areas and slide through cracks in walls, the new feature is a huge part of the experience and you will be using it many times in the game.

3DS_ZeldaLBW_1001_04 3DS_ZeldaLBW_1001_05 3DS_ZeldaLBW_1001_06

So does’ A Link Between Worlds’ feel like ‘A Link to the Past’ well in some ways it does, the music in the game is an upgraded version of the original ‘A Link to The Past’ music and all of the original sound effects are back.  Hyrule itself is  more or less a mirror image of the original game with a shed load of updates, of course the biggest overhaul has to be the graphics, add to that the fast travel, which we forgot to mention, so on that note, please welcome your fast travel person Irene the witch. With a bell that you will find on Death Mountain, allows you call Irene to take you to any location on the map where you have activated a Weather Vane, so not only does weather vane allow you to save, it also acts as a fast travel point “pretty sweet right”

Streetpass functionality,

Speaking to the old geezer in the main town allows you to unlock the games  Streetpass Functions, you get to set od Shadow Sonic, opps I meant Shadow Link, you can decide what items you wish your shadow link to use on the battlefield. The items you choose are then converted into a value ‘Rupees’ this is your bounty you get for winning a match against a contender. There are also a total of 50 challenges for your Shadow Links to complete and an array of medals that can be seen when talking to the old fart again.

3DS_ZeldaLBW_NBD_StreetPass_04 3DS_ZeldaLBW_NBD_StreetPass_00


Once you complete the game estimated 19hrs give or take, you can open the hero mode which makes everything so god damn hard you wish you never opted to start it in the first place. You can also opt to play the same game over again, who know this is a Zelda game after all.

Zelda has to be one of the only games that I can personally say brings a tear to my eye and has one of the most iconic moments in any game, that’s when Princess Zelda turns around to see Link, it’s always been the same and it’s just something you can never forget if you have every played a Zelda game.


I cannot fault this game in anyway it’s got a great story, loads of puzzles, perfect mechanics, sweet music and sound effects and its perfectly designed. Some say it’s a simulator for smashing pots and cutting grass, but for me it’s just pure fun and one of the best games on 3DS, one again it’s another Nintendo title that get the job done and sell their systems, let’s hope they can do the same with the dead  in the water Nintendo Wii U.


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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