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‘Bottle Game’ Makes It All Happen With A Spin

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Game Logo - Bottle Game

Unique Online Game Combines ‘Spin The Bottle’ with Video Chat!

Based on the classic game of spinning a bottle, ‘Bottle Game’ by ‘3A Interactive’ is a unique multiuser video chat featuring gaming elements that allows its users to spontaneously interact, chat, share interests, have fun together and consequently meet and date. Communication takes place in virtual chat rooms, each of which can host up to 24 people of both genders. Apart from playing in a group, users have an opportunity to chat privately or communicate and share various interests and hobbies in a general setting or in private rooms, and choose other free and premium options to enhance social entertainment.

Since its original launch in Russia in 2012, ‘Bottle Game’ has established itself as a popular and growing destination with more than 2.5 million registered users on PC and mobile, averaging 160.000 new registrations per month! The Android™ version is available from here:


Available to gamers worldwide and fully integrated with the largest international social networks such as Facebook, its vision is to create the best social hangout, one that combines communication and entertainment and recreates real-life encounters between friends. As such, ‘Bottle Game’ offers various games, activities and other fun social layers on top of the video chat to create a unified experience that combines real-time communication and entertainment.

Adopting a wide range of in-game incentives and interactive features available to users as in-game purchases and micro-transactions, ‘Bottle Game’ offers it all; virtual gifts, chat window, profile decorations, camera effects, VIP accounts, private chat, interpersonal video chat, user ranking, in-site advertising, and a lot more!

‘Bottle Game’ can be experienced here:



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