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Pixel Punch’s ‘Paint Me a Fish!’ Available Now On The App Store

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Second App Release From The “Paint Me a …” Series For Children

Pixel Punch is pleased to announce the second release of a series of coloring application for kids on iOS (iPhone and iPad) called ‘Paint Me a Fish!’. Combining realistic high quality graphics and easy to use painting tools makes it a perfect place for children to be creative and have fun.

Designed to let users create amazing looking fishes with easy-to-use touch controls. The painting tools include blur, multiple brush layers (fish body patterns) and numerous colours to choose from. Uttermost precision and realism in application visual fidelity provides with the most rewarding experience from the initial launch. The virtual aquarium lets you store, review and manage all your painted fishes.

In addition, all the created content can be shared on a public fish gallery or automatically formed into a print PDF (multiple fish sizes). The application instantly sends the print to your email. It can be used for anything: from small decorations to costumes. It is an extension of the fish painting experience into the real world.

“Our company’s vision is to create an environment where children or adults are inspired to produce something they can do with ease and proudly share with others,” said Paulius Liekis, CEO of Pixel Punch. “We want children to have creative software available for them at a price point that’s affordable for parents.”

Paint Me a Fish! can be downlaoded from iTunes for $2. As previously, releases of the app on Mac OS X operating system, as a desktop application, and on Android, as a mobile application is scheduled to launch later. Paint Me a Fish! is a second app in a series of beautiful painting apps.

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