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E3 2014 – World of Speed

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For this massively multiplayer online action-racing video game, My.com takes a look at the visual and performance tuning features shown in this trailer which debuted during E3 this week.

In  World of  Speed, unlocking a new car is only the beginning. From spoilers and headlights, to hoods and wheels, no two players’ cars will look the same and the possibilities are endless. But in addition to cosmetic upgrades, players will also unlock and apply specific installs like new engines, suspensions, tires and more–in whatever order they choose. In World of Speed, it’s all about exploring the potential of each and every racing vehicle to the max and making them your own.

World of Speed will be entering closed beta later this year. To learn more about World of Speed and for a chance to play the fast-paced action in the closed beta, visit and sign up at www.worldofspeed.com. The game is developed by  Slightly Mad Studios and will be published worldwide by My.com.

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