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Marvel Heroes Interview with the Developers

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1. Can you explain (in detail) the “2015” suffix? Are you going to be doing this every year? How large a patch is it? Do you consider it a separate game?

The idea behind Marvel Heroes 2015 is one supporting all our efforts over the past year to take constructive criticism to transform the game.  Everything from the game mechanics and power-point allocation system to the user interface and graphics has been sharpened, refined, and improved with the immense help of feedback our team has received from our incredible community.  We don’t just want to make Marvel Heroes 2015 a great MMO-ARPG, we want to make it the best MMO-ARPG.

We’ll be changing the year as we go along because it fits well with our dedication to be ever-interactive with the community and consistently making the game better.  In turn, our players can expect a team that’s with them every step of the way – a dynamic platform that continues to improve over time.

You see this all the time with huge titles like Madden and FIFA.  While some might consider them all the same game, the massive changes that happen over the course of a year are what make Madden 2014 vastly different from Madden 2015.  So, yes. Marvel Heroes 2015 is a different game than Marvel Heroes, and anyone from our team, the players that have been with us since our initial launch and returning players can attest to this.

2. One of the lines in the press release for the anniversary event of Marvel Heroes mentioned “365: Days of. Gifts for. Oh yes, we have plans”. Care to elaborate a little? Tease us?

For the first week of the anniversary, we are going to give away 365 items in the game for logging in. This is an incredible giveaway. There are unique items, a free costume, a free stash tab, and many other helpful items. It is the largest giveaway we have ever done.

3. When can I get my Spider-Man 2099 skin/costume?!

Stay tuned…

4. With Marvel Heroes 2015, we’re finally getting some word about the Mac client. How come this has taken so long? Was it not a priority? Were there difficulties?

It was a huge priority. We dedicated about a fifth of our engineers to making this happen for the last 9+ months. It has taken a lot longer than we thought it would. The biggest hurdle has been that the Mac runs on OpenGL which is a lot slower than DirectX. Our performance has been unacceptable. Even after launch we are going to be working on it. Rendering calls that take < 10ms on the PC are taking 60-70ms on the Mac. This is because OpenGL works  on any platform; “I’m a toaster with a graphics card. I can run OpenGL”. That needs to be supported. So when the driver runs a function, it needs to check all sorts of odd things to make sure it works. This is slow. After doing a bunch of magic, we have it in decent shape. This has been the single biggest delay since early March.

5. Ok, so that last question was a little brutal, here’s an easy one. Who’s is your favourite Marvel character/team and why?

Right now, it’s all Rocket Raccoon and Guardians for me. I’m super excited about the movie. I’ve been playing a lot of RR in the game and he’s really fun. In the past, I have also really enjoyed the Deadpool and Cable series.

6. Are there any plans to further integrate the game’s world into the comics? We’ve seen costumes based on the various Marvel events and timelines, but any direct gameplay? Helping track down the Uatu’s killer in Original Sin, for example?

Absolutely. Marvel has been kind enough to share the upcoming comics events and storylines. We have plans to work very closely with them this year. I can’t make any promises, but we are trying to do something directly tied together with an active comics story arc. We can’t talk about it right now and a million things could go wrong, but it is one of our big goals for later this year.

7. While the video game and comic books are their own entities, are there currently any plans to offer items such as digital redeem codes for Marvel comics?

This has been done in the past with other products and it would make a lot of sense to put it into Marvel Heroes. Great idea!

8. Do you get much of a lead time in terms of upcoming events/storylines in the Marvel universe? Especially when this involves a new costume for a character.

We do. We have been fortunate enough to read scripts months before the movies. They share the yearly comics plan with us. Sometimes they say things like “You should put X in the game.” A few months later we find out why. When it comes to movie assets, we’ve been thrilled with the direct interaction to the effects group. When Iron Man 3 came out, they sent us the 3d models that the visual effects use and let us put them in the game. It is one of the best parts of working on the license.

9. With the inclusion of Norrin Radd/Silver Surfer as a playable character in Marvel Heroes 2015 – given that he’s well known as the herald of Galactus – could this be a hint that Galactus could be the next raid encounter?

That sounds fun! I can’t wait for something like that.

10. Will we ever get to play out some key moments in comic book history? Go into the future and help with Days of Future Past, help discern friend from foe against the shapeshifting Skrulls in Secret Invasion, etc?

Oh yes. There are quite a few of us on the team that are hardcore comic readers. We will definitely be going down this road. Recently, we introduced One-Shot Terminals. These are stories that are separate from the rest of the game. This opens up unlimited chances to pay homage to a ton of classic storylines. Also, we will be adding to the main storyline and you can easily imagine nods to stories like Secret Invasion and using Skrulls throughout the game.

11. Ketchup? Do you keep it in the cupboard, or the fridge?

I use mustard.


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