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The Wolf Among Us Season Finale Review

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The final episode to The Wolf Among Us has brought a close to this episode series, coming in after just over a 1 month gap. For those who missed the first parts of this review The Wolf Among us is a game developed and published by Telltale Games, best known for their The Walking Dead game and upcoming Tales From the Borderlands.

If you wish for a more in-depth review on the game as a whole check out the Review for the first episode, though I will reference some parts of that review in this one.

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“This review contains spoilers from Episode 1, 2, 3, 4 and possibly from Episode 5.”


Episode 1 & 2 & 3 & 4:

From episode one, the game started off with our first encounter with the Woodsman, the head of Faith on our doorstep and the actions we as the player took along the way. Following the trail to the Trip Trap where we took into custody either Tweedle Dee or the Woodsman. Upon taking the captive back to the Woodlands he finds the head of Snow White on the doorstep and the Mundies investigating the area.

Episode two begins with the end of episode one and shows us a glimpse of what happened at the end of the last episode, with Bigby looking at the head of Snow white on the doorstep to the Woodlands apartments. After being taken in and being broke out we are sent off on our investigation once more as we interrogate the prisoner we got in the first episode and finding out that Snow was still alive. Leading us to the Open Arms Hotel at the end where we find out Ichabod Crane had been hiring Prostitutes and Glamouring them as Snow White, making him a primes suspect.


Episode three put us on the trail of Crane after we found his fetish dungeon in the Open Arms and possible involvement with the murder cases. After an interrupted funeral and investigating Crane’s Room, The Trip Trap and/or The Tweedles investigation office, Bigby finds Ichabod Crane in the Puddin and Pie trying to get answers out of the Prostitutes. The episode ended on Bigby getting shot at, him transforming, then being put down with a silver bullet which was one of Bigby’s major weaknesses.

Episode Four had us being patched up by Swineheart again and put on another trail that was encouraged by the stripper Narissa, the woman who gave him the key to the open arm hotel in Episode two. After talking to Beauty and Beast we choose between visiting the Butchers Shop or the Pawn shop which are both fronted by The Crooked Man, Bigby confronts their owners and even the woodsman to get details and locations. Leading Bigby to find the Shard to the Mirror and finding the Crooked Man’s hideout and fading to black as we confront them.


Episode 5:

Leaving where we left out, Bigby begins the conversation and or interrogation with the Crooked Man and his Underlings who include One of or both the Tweedle Brothers, Georgie and Vivian, The Jersey Devil and Bloody Mary. The conversation turns sour and a fight breaks out, leading you on a chase of Georgie and The Crooked Man. Through twists and turns you find answers to long held questions and the cutting of loose ends as the game comes to its climax.

Episode 5 Feels like the shortest of all the other episodes, mainly due to its more fighting orientated playstyle. The episode is around 1-2 hours long and can be completed in little to no time on a second run.

This is the time where your previous actions have the most impact as what you chose in the previous episodes decides who is on your side, who is alive and the end conflict between the people of the Woods and the Crooked Man.



Episode 5 is all about the combat it seems, with a fight in almost every scene you are in, either followed or introduced with a short conversational piece. The game makes you feel more in control of your actions in this episode as you always have the choice to cause more pain and damage or to simple talk it out with some rather interesting options on hand.

Overall Thoughts and Feelings

The final episode brought it back in terms of its soundtrack, due to the more prominent music choices due to the dramatic scenes and battles you face. The sounds and tracks really put you in the mood for whatever scene you were in and added to the atmosphere of the slower parts of the chapters.


Overall I would give The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 a 4/5, A climactic ending to the series that tied together all previous events lovely. The choices have meaning and can either bite you on the ass at the end or lend you a helping hand when everything is going to pot. The series as a whole is well made and displayed to the player with some great acting at times and fight scenes.


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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