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NoScope Demon Series Gaming Glasses Review

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The amount of weird and wonderful gadgets you can get for gamers today is brilliant; from gloves that give you extra grip on your controller to gum that aims to provide you with the energy boost you need to help you game for a prolonged time. One of the more popular products we’ve seen emerging in the market though has been gamer glasses, with the most notable manufacturer being Gunnar Optiks who claim their glasses help to protect, enhance and optimize your vision. The problem for the average gamer is Gunnar Optiks aren’t half expensive; if you shop around you’re looking at around £45 for their cheapest pair and the prices only go up from there. Nevertheless people say they’re worth the money but soon you may forget you ever saw them. Why? Because there is another company on the market whose customers claim are just as good as Gunnar Optiks (if not better) at a fraction of the cost.

That’s right, NoScope glasses designed their Demon Series because they wanted to create a cost effective solution to help rectify many of the issues that gamers (and people who work on computers) face every day. The list of problems is lengthy and consists of blurry vision, dry eyes, eye strain, fatigue, headaches and insomnia all brought on by the harsh blue light that come from many electronic devices we use on a daily basis. If you carry on suffering from these symptoms it could seriously affect your health in the long run; however with the help of NoScope’s tinted, resin coated lenses they filter out the harsh blue light that you get from the your computer monitors, smartphones and TVs preventing health issues arising and allowing you to focus on your screen for longer periods of time. As well as health benefits the NoScope glasses also claim to help improve contrast and clarity during computer usage to make your gaming sessions even better.


Nonetheless it’s one thing to say your product has all these great features but the important question to ask is does it have the quality to back up its claims? Well the first indicator to me that shows NoScope glasses believe they’ve made a quality product is the fact they offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. Don’t like them then get your money back it’s as simple as that, no quarrels, no stupid clauses just a simple statement that says we’re confident you’ll be pleased with your purchase. The next step of seeing if these glasses could walk the walk as well as talk the talk was actually testing them out.

At first glance they seem very stylish with a sporty looking design; however the plastic frame doesn’t make them as appealing as some of the Gunnar glasses, but paying a higher price you’d expect a little more luxury. In fact I was expecting them to be quite irritating being made out of plastic but I’m glad to say due to the fact they’re lightweight they do feel comfortable and they fit snuggly on your head without leaving imprint marks. The light weight design of the glasses don’t mean they are flimsy either, they’re actually pretty durable; I dropped mine a few times as I was being very clumsy and they didn’t pick up one scratch. There is also the added benefit that these are waterproof as well, not sure who games outside in the rain but if you did you’re covered. The only way I can think this comes in handy is if you have a girlfriend (which I don’t but applications are welcome) and you upset them by ignoring them or saying something inappropriate while enjoying some game time and they throw their drink over your face.


The next thing you’ll notice are the free accessories that come with the NoScope glasses which are a microfiber cleaning cloth and a lovely carry pouch to protect your glasses when on the move. This is all the more impressive when you think these come free with the £11.80 price tag, that’s four times less than the cheapest pair of Gunnar glasses and with them you have to pay £12.50 extra for a protective case. The only thing missing from the glasses actually are neck cords so you can hang them round your neck when you’re taking breaks away from defending the galaxy or racing against the clock as you make your way around Laguna Seca. However they’re cheap enough to by online and easy enough to fit yourself in order to resolve this minor issue, which isn’t really even an issue it’s just one of the only negatives I could think up.

So are they worth it? Well you may not think you need gamer glasses but they do genuinely work, I felt less tired and my eyes less strained when playing the Destiny Beta for a few straight hours. Plus if you were dubious and you were thinking about taking a punt on gamer glasses, at £11.80 you’re hardly going to bust the bank and there is always the safety net that if you aren’t satisfied there is a 100% money back guarantee. Now if you feel you do need gamer glasses let’s compare them to the Gunnar Optiks which claim to do the exact same thing as NoScope glasses but charge a minimum of four times the price and then go and charge you extra for the carry case. They may have a larger range available including prescription specs and some better designs but let’s put our common sense hats on for a second and think; if you could buy two items almost exactly the same would you buy the expensive one that comes with less or the cheaper one that comes with more? I know which one I’d go for every time, NoScope Demon Series glasses are the hands down winner.



  • Size: Frame Height: 1.625” (~40mm)
  • Hinge to Hinge: 5.5” (140mm)
  • Lens Width: 2.9” (~75mm)
  • Bridge Width: 0.875” (~22mm)
  • Temple: 4.75” (~120mm)

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Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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