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Misfit Shine Activity Tracker Review

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A tracker that tracks your activity. Interesting. Does it ‘Shine’ brightly and do everything you wish an activity tracker should be able to do, or is it a waste of time and money? Let’s find out.

Not ever having owned an activity tracking device before or even looked for one, I was intrigued when we were offered a review unit from a company called Misfit. Looking online there seems to be a lot of these devices, even topping over £100.00 which I think is crazy for such a device.

Is Style important when it comes to wearable items?


Style is everything with us these days, from designer clothes to the jewelry we wear. Girls spend hundreds on designer shoes and bags and men … well we’re just as bad, just not with bags. So it must be the same when it comes to any wrist device or anything that we use on ourselves; we have to look good for the other half or even the opposite sex, if you swing that way. ‘Shine’ is simplistic in the design, made with aircraft graded aluminium. This makes the ‘Shine’ an incredible piece of kit – this device is very eye-catching and suitable for anybody.

What is the ‘Shine’?


So what exactly is ‘Shine’? In simple terms, it’s a pedometer that tracks everything you do in life; walking, running, cycling, swimming even sleeping, etc. After any activity you would then connect it up to your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth and see what you have done for that day. Have you been lazy all day and slept and then sat on your butt watching TV, or have you been out working off those calories after that take away the other night. The ’Shine’ can be clipped onto clothing or used a like a wrist watch, both options are available directly out of the box.

50m swimming depth?


The Shine for swimming is great with its 50m depth of protection, however, I have yet to find a swimming pool with a 50m deep end. Bbut if I was a deep sea diver, this would be a great device to take with you and use. As you can imagine I only went to my local swimming baths, which only had a 8metre deep end. The device worked perfectly underwater, even when I was almost out of breath and about to kick the bucket if I didn’t head to the surface or air.

A watch as well, interesting


The display does not contain any numbers or markings, instead it uses 12 LEDs that turn on or pulse clockwise. This is how it informs you of your daily progress. The ‘Shine’ can also act like a watch. Albeit not a perfect watch, but it does give you an about average time. It lights up with the LED’s to give you the hour and then for the minutes it blinks, but as there are only 12 LED’s it does not give an accurate time.

As a watch the design is sleek and fashionable and does not in any way look out of place, but it will not make any man feel like a MAN. It’s just too small and slim, it feels more like a girl’s watch. Sexist, I know, but this is what you see a lot in the shops, so making this assumption was going to happen. However, saying that, not everyone is the same and everyone has their own tastes in what they wear. So if you prefer the lighter side of life and the sleek design look no further, this may be the perfect activity tracker for you.

To activate the watch display, double-tap ‘Shine’ and it will display the time, easily seen in the normal light and indoors, however in direct sunlight it does seem a little faint.

What’s in the box?


So what’s in the box and what can you get as extra? In the box, comes ‘Shine’, which looks like a big gray, chocolate Smartie in the middle of the pack. It also comes with the battery Shine opener, so you can insert the battery, a magnetic clasp, a silicone sport band and finally the instruction manual.

Now for the extras:


Beddit allows you to get accurate results into your nightly sleep habits; this includes heart rate, body movements, snoring, breathing and any sound in the room. Everything is transmitted wirelessly to your mobile device for you to analyse when you awake. Also available are a sport Necklace, a bling bling necklace or as they call it a Bloom Necklace, 2 types of Leather Bands that allows you to turn ‘Shine’ into a more of a casual looking watch and finally socks and tee shirts. More information can be found here (http://store.misfit.com/products/misfit-shine)

Setting up this device is so easy; you either go to the google play store or iOS app store and download the software straight to your compatible device

List of devices that are currently compatible include:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Android & iOS devices including:
  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5s & 5c
  • iPad 3rd, 4th generation & iPad Air
  • iPad mini & iPad mini with Retina display
  • iPod touch 5th generation
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3
  • Google Nexus 4 & 5
  • HTC One

Putting the battery into ‘Shine’ is easy; pop it open using the metal tool, put the battery inside then snap it closed. The battery lasts up to 6months, which is a lot better than having to recharge your device every day and batteries are pretty cheap to replace.

Getting your ‘Shine’ to communicate with your mobile device is pretty neat, just put it on the screen where it tells you too and it will sync up. Communication between them both does have its limitations; I found that I need to be within meters of them of my mobile to get them to communicate and transfer between each other.

So what about the software


Software is available on both Android and iOS and is very simple to use – creating an account is child’s play. Facebook users can create an account by allowing the app to communicate with Facebook, and if you haven’t got a Facebook account, then not to worry you just need to fill out some basic details about yourself.

No need to worry about updates, the app will automatically update ‘Shines’ firmware for you.The ‘Shines’ software is also used to set goals and keep the internal clock accurate. You can sync the ‘Shine’ to your mobile device every day if you wish, or wait a week and since or go for a few weeks and sync up and see how well you have or not done.

The data displayed for your viewing pleasure will be average calories burnt, the distance you have done and how many steps you have taken in total.

If you wish to track swimming, cycling or sleeping you need to triple tap ‘Shine’ to start-up a special activity. When you have completed your routine, you need to sync ‘Shine’ to your device mobile device to transfer the data. By doing this ‘Shine’ will revert back to tracking walking and running. Having to do this every time I go cycling, and I do go cycling a lot, this became a rather annoying feature.

All the data is collected on your phone. You are unable to transfer the data to your PC, cloud server or a web based platform, which many apps allow you to do these days. This normally allows you to compare and contrast with other users, so instead Shine gives you badges based on how well you have done. I guess something better than nothing. I would like to of been able to see how well I have done against other users of the same build and height, just to give me a push and more of a goal to set myself.

Personal use:


First day: Cycling, triple tapped ‘Shine’ set a special activity and off I went. I attached the device to my cycling shirt and it did not bother me at all. Got home, synced it up it up to my HTC One, after sync attached the device to the rubber sport band and attached it to my arm. During the day it tracked all my footsteps around the home while I worked and when I went out to post mail and such. End of the day again, I triple tapped ‘Shine’ and set it to sleep activity and hit the sack. Did a bit of personal time ^^ with the other half then went to sleep for the night.

The following day: Woke up and synced up and checked out my full day’s activity. Damn, I don’t really do much after cycling. However, bedtime, it seemed to peak … wonder why? During working hours I only did around 1000 footsteps, possibly just me making coffee and hitting the toilet upstairs. My days are about the same so no need to rinse and repeat myself here; sometimes go out, dinner or two, cinema things like that.

Going to be honest as possible, I also use Mapmyride, an app on my phone dedicated to cycling, tracks distance, calories and maps out the whole root for me. It also syncs up with a web based application where I am able to share and compare my activity with many other users in my area. I can also find new routes which others have taken and may of found their route found more beneficial and fun. It would also allow me to download root and compete against them.

The phone is attached to the front of my bike and is waterproof so no need to worry about it getting wet. I do not personally think ‘Shine’ shines that well when it comes to the beating Mapmyride.

The app is very good though for other activities, activities when I would not use my mobile phone, like walking around, swimming, sleeping and general use around the house. With these activities ‘Shine’ can tell me how lazy I am, understand my bedtime habits, after I fall asleep not before.


Evil thoughts…


Had a little evil devil on my shoulder thinking of ways to make yourself look better, than you actually are to your friends. Just attached ‘Shine’ device to your dog and damn you would clock up loads and loads of footsteps during the day.

So final thoughts.


For me, it’s not 100% great. Cycling is my main sport and I would rather use Mapmyride app instead for reasons stated above. For everything else though this is fantastic and does its job perfectly. I would recommend this to any swimmer, runner, walker, sleeper, athlete, porn star well, anything that requires activity of some kind. But if you already use an app to track your activity, then as with me, see what the advantages this would bring before you go and grab yourself one of these activity trackers.

It’s slim, sleek, futuristic and does not feel out of place. I would not wear it as a replacement to my watch though, personal reasons of course. The software is easy to setup and install and syncing ‘Shine’ to your device is a piece of cake. I am very happy that I got to review ‘Shine’ and thanks to Shine I now know how lazy I am during the day. Thanks a lot.

iOS Software cab be download from Here

Googleplay (Android version) Software can be downloaded from Here


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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