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Cooler Master Storm Resonar Review

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IGC SEALGoing to hold my hands up first and say, I have never in my life owned or ordered any gaming peripheral from Cooler Master, did not even know they started doing them. I am not going to lie; I have always purchased the likes of SteelSeries and Razer, so why would I wish to get a Cooler master product? Well, they have made strides in this area and if you know how popular their PC cases and power supplies are, then you would hope this would reflect with their gaming peripherals as well.

So this review takes a look at the Cooler Master Storm Resonar earphones, not headphones, the earphones have been created for the use with the master race PC, Mobile, Consoles and even handheld systems like the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita etc.


The Box


So what do we get in the box, well it does come well packaged as you would expect, you are able the flip from front cover over and this will reveal all the specs of your new earphones you have just purchased on the left hand side. On the right hand side you will be able to view the earphones themselves and a nice case to put them in. Upon opening the box and removing the contents, we had to open this nice looking case, inside the case we found 2 spare sets of ear buds both different sizes, one set small and the other set large and a splitter to use with your gaming PC.


Specification what are specifications, google time


When it comes to specifications the only things I care about is design, quality, brand, and reviews on the product and will it do its job. So when I say I know nothing about frequency response and signal to noise ratio the truth is, I would need to scan over the web and this is what I do all the time. So after some research I can tell you now these specs right at the bottom of this review are not too bad for these earphones.


The BassFX Little Rotator Thingy


One of the main things that these specs leave out for some reason, the main reason that makes these earphones so unique ‘the knob’ heheheheh knob heheheheh, moving on. The BassFX knob, I shall call it the little rotator thingy, at the end of the earphones that increases and decreases the bass that comes through them.


Oooo Quality


The quality of these earphones is amazing, with its anti-tangle cable, and inline microphone, which works very well when using with my mobile phone and finally the jack itself which has been finished with a nice Cooler Master Storm logo. Attention to detail has been looked at closely with these bad boys. Now the earphones themselves are well designed, constructed to a high standard and not too heavy, the BassFX little rotator thingy does feel a little stiff ‘there is the reason I did not use knob’ however you can either pinch and turn it on or off or push it down and move it to the desired setting.


Personal usage


Being an avid cyclist and PC gamer, I tried them with both, one being the HTC One and the other being with my MSI GS70 Gaming Notebook the world’s thinnest and most powerful gaming notebook in the world.

I love listening to trance, dance, hands up and rock when I go cycling so the bass is a welcome, I have already got two other types of earphones. The set that came with the phone from HTC which royally suck and never get used and a Skullcandy set. The Skullcandy of coarse was my main set before I got these bad boys, what a difference they make to the sound and the BASS, it’s like someone just shoved a drum in your ear and is banging on it, and they are bloody awesome. With all earphones there is one downside, you cannot hear anything while they are banging out the music in your ear. Which is a gutter if the opposite sex wishes to stop you to chat or even join you on your bike ride. Even worse, you go on the road and cars are beeping you or the emergency services are coming up your butt super-fast, so on that note, I would not recommend using earphones on your bike if you intend to 1, drive on the road and 2, want to pick up the opposite sex.


Now for gaming on my notebook or what I call my laptop, I do have many types of headsets, from the Steelseries Fnatic, to the Steelseries Wireless Headset and others. So using a set of earphones would be a huge difference, would they be comfortable for long periods of playing time, would they produce the same 7.1 virtual surround sound when using Razers or Steelseries software? Answers is not perfect as they are just earphones, so if you are not interested in virtual surround sound and can live with standard 2.1 then these are perfect. If you don’t like things over your ears or you wear glasses and don’t have a set of headphones to fit nicely, again these are perfect for you.

The sounds are clear even with the BassFX turned on, and I found them good for many of my games expect my FPS games, which I do prefer surround sound so I can hear the enemy behind me or that bullet whizzing past my arse.


They are also good for ignoring the other half, oh yes, that wonderful person that you love and Adour, that person who is currently shouting your nether regions off because you left the seat up on the toilet, or forgot to clean the bathtub after use or the worse case you left a floater. You got the perfect excuse using these, sorry Huns did not hear you, what say again, sorry still cannot hear you.



Sound is everything with any purchase of sound gear so it should be the same when it comes to your headphone or earphone gear. The quality and design are always something we look at before we purchase and most of the time it’s the cost. Well, here goes, the Cooler Master Resonar sound is fantastic even when you turn the BassFX on, the build quality and design is beyond exceptional and well thought out. Finally the price, under £40.00 on many online retail outlets like Amazon and EBay is a bargain for such a good set of earphones.


P.S Please do not use them if you are cycling on roads or praying to meet the opposite sex on your travels, you simply will miss out or get killed by some Plonka on the road.



Driver 8mm driver
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Impedance 20Ω
Connector 3.5mm headphone jack
Cable Length 1.3m
Pick-up Pattern Omni-Directional
Frequency Response 100 Hz – 10KHz
Sensitivity -44 ± 4dB (0dB = 1V/pa.1KHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio 58dB or more


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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