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Cooler Master Sirus-C Gaming Headset Review

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Now I am not one for geeking over peripherals, let alone headsets and earphones due to my love of blurting out music and sounds through speakers to share my experience with the whole house…No wonder people hate me, but I for one am very impressed in this piece of gaming headwear.

I have not known Coolermaster to make anything besides components that are in the computer itself, so I was surprised to learn they have brought out a range of peripherals like Headsets and Mice. Of which I recently acquired the Headset known as The Coolermaster Sirus-C, a big headset dedicated to sound quality, both in microphone and earphones.



With most headsets and peripherals, they come with a pre-set name in the Sound Control panel section of Windows, at least Win 7 and 8, however with the Sirus-C that isn’t present it seems. Instead of being called the Sirus-C or having a symbol of a headset like some of my lower quality ones, the Sirus-C comes up as 2-USB Headphone set on both my Windows 7 and Windows 8 setups. This can be overlooked but can be confusing at times when you wish to adjust volumes and qualities tied to the Playback and Recording settings. This is mostly hard hitting in the console area, as it carries the same name to both the PS3 and Xbox360, which when having several devices attached can be a pain to figure out which one it is.

The headset is pretty simple to setup, simple plug in and let your computer find it to install and you’re done. Though people without internet might have some trouble as it doesn’t come with any CD for installing any of its needed software or Drivers, though it is unlikely that would ever happen.



The Sirus-C aims to make an impact on first look and it does just that, with its bulky design with glowing blue lights on the sides and microphone you will definitely see it sitting anywhere on your setup. One lacking feature is that the headset as a whole is pretty heavy compared to cheaper headsets, which can make moving the headset delicately a hard task… which was found out when the detachable headpieces unattached when picking up one time. The weight comes in to play mostly when wearing the headset for long periods of times, making prolonged sessions on the PC painful at best. Anything after 3-4 hours of use will cause some soreness on your ears and a great burden is lifted when you take them off.

Besides its big and heavy look and feel, the Sirus-C is very pretty looking, with smooth curves and a silky touch to its body. The control box on the wire is also well designed with wheels for Voice Chat sound and overall system sound to adjust various volumes whilst browsing or gaming, to its responsive mute slider. There is also a switch to change between PC and Console use which is plain to see and simple to use.



For music, this headset is amazing, with its added bass and how clear the sounds come through it really adds to any track you might have playing in the background, be it game music, chiptune or metal. The Padding around the headset also decreases outside sound to a bare minimum, I found it quite hard to hear much outside of what the PC was making me hear.

The microphone quality is also quite good, with my voice bearing clear to my friends and with me being louder then I needed to be, quick adjustments helped that however. Outside noise was also cancelled out very well with not much being picked up beside my own voice and anyone in my room loud enough to be heard. The microphone is also very easy to adjust with being quick to respond to me moving it and not too loose to move with my head movements.


Console Use

Being advertised as a multiplatform headset, able to be used on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 I had a test on all of them besides PS4. Setup was quick and easy for all systems and worked just like any other headset that was designed for the systems on their own. The quality however was much better then what you would buy as standalones as against the Xbox and PlayStation branded headsets. The headset also comes with all the wires you need to convert the headset to work with all the systems, which is a great relief on the side of the customer as it can be confusing to find the correct wires to work with the system you have.


Overall Thoughts and Feelings

Overall this headset is quite a solid buy at its price, due to its clear sound and voice chat to the ease of use with its settings both on the wire box and the computer side. It could have done with being more comfortable on the ears and being lighter in design but this can be overlooked if the headset is only used a few hours at a time.

I would suggest this headset to most people with a varying amount of consoles due to its multiplatform design and ease of use. Although it might be hard to recommend this just for one system use as it might be a bit much for some people to buy.


  • Great Sound
  • Great Quality Voice Chat
  • Easy to use wire box controls
  • Quick to setup
  • Attractive Design
  • Multiplatform
  • All components packaged together
  • Good Price for Quality


  • Big and bulky design
  • On the heavy side
  • No pre-set name in Sound Controls


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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