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WARFRAME – New game mode announced at Gamescom

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Warframe had some very exciting reveals during TennoLive 2014,  their first Devstream live from Gamescom. The biggest announcement being the addition of Archwing, coming to Warframe in Update 15!

Archwing, an entirely new Warframe game mode, brings Space Battles to Warframe.  Taking Warframe’s high-energy, skilled ninja battles into the depths of Space. This huge addition to the game was announced during TennoLive 2014: Gamescom – Warframe’s first live version of the wildly popular Devstream. An energetic audience of 200 of the game’s most devoted players along with more than 14,000 players viewing the livestream from home watched as their favourite Warframe Developers interacted with fans, celebrated their community and offered major reveals to the game.

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