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Big Fish Launches “Gummy Drop!” for Mobile Smartphones and Tablets

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“Gummy Drop!” is for people who want more than just a Match-3 game.

Gummy Drop!™, a game that combines the casual fun of Match-3 and the strategy of resource management, is available today for free on mobile devices.   From Big Fish, the world’s largest producer of casual games, Gummy Drop! offers mobile players more than just the Match-3 puzzle mechanic.  This new game extends the genre in unique ways, giving players more choices, goals, and ways to interact with other players.

Gummy Drop! is one of several mobile, free-to-play Match-3 games released by Big Fish in the past year.  Gummy Drop! is born from the classic Match-3 genre, notable for traditional Match-3 games such as Bejewelled and Candy Crush, but evolves the genre to broaden its appeal to new players as well as to experienced Match-3 fans.

Big Fish Senior Director, Executive Producer Sean Clark explains it this way, “Although the basic Match-3 mechanic is universally known and appealing for players of all skill levels and ages, any Match-3 player will tell you that not all Match-3 games are the same. The core idea of matching similar shapes and colours to make good things happen can be presented in many different ways and is just the base for more innovative gameplay.  With Gummy Drop!, we take that core Match-3 gameplay and add the strategy of resource management to increase the fun and the game’s appeal to players who want more depth from their Match-3 game.”

In Gummy Drop!, building and matching squish together as players match gummies shaped like doughnuts, hearts, and bricks in groups of 3 or more to collect resources that are needed to rebuild famous landmarks around the world. To build these notable monuments, each level has specific objectives that need to be achieved within a set number of moves. Additionally, each landmark may need more than one building resource, sometimes requiring the player to go back and replay completed levels in order to collect additional building materials.  This adds a level of strategy and accomplishment not found in other Match-3 games.

Gummy Drop! is a unique Match-3 game with new levels being added every month.  If players get stuck, Gummy Drop! generously offers boosts to help players get through levels, and also includes a “Lucky Spin” feature that randomly awards players extra moves or additional lives.  Gummy Drop!, along with Cascade, are among the first games from Big Fish designed for mainstream players looking for a deeper Match-3 experience.  More Match-3 fun is on its way from Big Fish!

Gummy Drop! can be downloaded for free today here, and will be coming to Android.

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