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Rezzed 2015 – First look at Inside My Radio

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Inside My Radio, probably the most fun game I played at Rezzed, is a Rhythm based platforming game with a slight addition of puzzle and minigames. Developed by Seaven Studio & TurboDindon, Inside My Radio follows a spirit working its way through a beaten up Boom Box that has stopped working, with the player’s main goal to fix the Boom Box and bring music back into his world.

insidemyradio 1

If you haven’t got rhythm this game might get on your nerves, but if you do, which I do, it can be one of the best music-based games you’ve played in a long while. The main mechanic behind Inside my Radio is that the face buttons control your character, but only if you press them on the beat of the music, Jumping, Dashing and Slamming. The beginning of the game teaches you all these abilities then lets you run wild with them through the several levels ahead.

You will need to Dash through walls as well as over gaps that lead to you death, jump over gaps and onto platforms and slam through weak flooring to progress in this game. What I didn’t get to try out at Rezzed were the enemies and the final boss so I look forward to getting to face them in the final game. The game will take some trial and error to complete, with the beats per minute changing with the style and level.

The game changes the music style based on the cube you control, from starting with Electro then moving on to disco then through to dub. With the style changes also comes increases in BPM from 100 to 120 and increasingly unique songs as you travel between the levels and changing tracks for each style. Each level has a new track and some levels even allow you to add something new or change an instrument in the songs themselves, being able to choose between 6 options at most with the current build.

insidemyradio 2

The final game will be around 3 hours, but the replayability is found within the different changes of music you can make during the editing sequences of the levels. You can also decide if you want to upgrade your characters noises with antennas or simple hop over them to stay the same. I can see myself listening to the soundtrack on its own, due to its quality and unique style.

Besides the normal gameplay in the game there are also some spread out minigames, like finding the right combination of models to select or colour changing puzzles. The one that stood out to me was a Guitar Hero like sequence where you move your character over 1 of 5 different platforms when a music note hits it to play that note, with a percentage score at the end.

I will definitely be playing this game when it comes out as when I had my time with it, I found it hard to put down. The music and graphic styles fit together amazingly and I was having fun throughout all of the levels I tried out. I felt some frustration at the game at times, but that was due to me failing at new platforming or puzzles that I didn’t know the sequence too yet.

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