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E3 2015 Game News

Bohemia Interactive’s Take On Mars to reach Beta this summer

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again this year, airing a new trailer during the PC Gaming Show and announcing its upcoming summer Beta release.

Focusing mainly on the new multiplayer survival gameplay, the trailer teases players with stunning shots of exciting locations they can experience and explore with their friends online – including several authentic parts of the Mars terrain, as well as the Low Earth Orbit or the Moon. Being supported by the games’ advanced simulation of physics, gravity or weather and radiation effects, every location offers a unique set of challenges that real-life astronauts must overcome to survive in space.

“What was originally a Mars rover simulator has grown into a significantly larger game, offering the comprehensive exploration of Mars, ranging from robotic vehicles up to the recently added manned portion, where you are tasked with establishing the foundations of a colony. Thanks to our small but dedicated team, our vision is progressively coming to fruition. The Beta release will be the next stepping stone in this regard” adds Martin Melichárek, the Project Lead on Take On Mars.

Utilizing Enforce, from which technology serves as the foundation for Bohemia Interactive’s new proprietary Enfusion Engine (currently in development and intended to empower all future games created by Bohemia Interactive), Take On Mars delivers stellar visuals and allows for creative freedom with its full support of modding and integration of Steam Workshop features.

Until reaching Beta this summer, Take on Mars has a price tag set at $17.99/13,99€ and is now also available with a 15% discount as part of the 2015 Steam Summer Sale. For more information on Take On Mars, please visit mars.takeonthegame.com and/or follow Take On Mars on Twitter and Facebook.

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