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Xenta Folding Gaming Chair Review

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There never seems to be enough space in a bedroom or living room for a gamer to enjoy his/her precious gaming hours in his/her favourite game. Not only that, there is always someone wanting to watch the damn TV, you just cannot win, saying that though the chances of clearing up the debate of who gets the TV is never going to go away. Move over and introduce the Xenta Folding Gaming Chair, a highly portable, easy to store, rocking chair with speakers, subwoofer, headphone adapter, bass and volume control and multiplayer linkup.

This could be the best seat for relaxing you

With Next Gen Consoles weighing a lot these days, once it’s down, it’s down for life, same with the flat screen TV, so being able to sit near your device is paramount, without having the hinderance of family. If you are lucky enough to have everything in your bedroom, then it’s all great news for you, this chair will make your gaming experience amazing.


Key Features

•    Quality built-in speaker and subwoofer system
•    Breathable micro-mesh fabric for ultimate comfort
•    Connect headphones for a personal audio experience
•    Compatible with all games consoles, media players and video devices

Not much in the box

When the chair arrives in its normal big brown box, you will see that the chair is protected by a plastic bag covering the full product. At the bottom of the box you will find a small box that contains the power lead and sound cable that are required to connect up your devices to the seat, that’s it, done and dusted.

Everything is usable

As the title of this section says, everything is usable, and this is so true, hook up any games console, and mobile device including mobile phones or your MP3 player right down to your TV or PC as long as the device has a 3.5m jack output, it will be compatible.

Like the usability, setting up is just as easy, fold the chair out, strap it in place, connect the power, turn it on, choose the device you wish to attach to, connect up the cable and away you go.


Now this chair is a little too small for me, and it’s not comfortable unless your head is and neck is supported, which this chair does not, so I decided to pass it over to a smaller person my Son. To whom jumped for joy and bounced around the house when he seen what I managed to get for him and for me to review.

He runs upstairs box in hand, throws off the wrapper covering the seat, set up the seat in front of his TV, plugged in the power and chuck the 3.5mm jack straight into the TV, did not even read the instructions, auto plot I guess.

My son loaded his favourite game, Call of Duty, logged into Xbox live, grabbed a bunch of mates and started playing online. The sound that came from the chair was much better than the shitty TV, Speakers, and the bass from the tube was pretty powerful as well.

He played a few matches, as I observed how he was interacting and using the chair, he would rock back and forth, back and forth, but got really upset as he was not able to go that far away from the mains, so I had to find an extension. Once the chair was plugged in to the extension, my son was much happier as he had a lot more freedom.


The sound was very clear, even though he loved the bass on max, and having it pound against his ears and back, however mum downstairs was not so happy, as all she could hear was Boom, Boom, Bang, Bang coming through the floorboards.

We tested a few games, Far Cry 4, Assassins Creed Rogue, all of which seemed to have much better sound quality through the seat. I asked my son, what he thought of it, his exact words were, “Wicked dad thanks a lot”, I guess he likes it. I then said, so what do you like best, “ The sound dad, its amazing and the Bass, that will do my mums head in” anything else son? “It’s comfortable and fun to use, I like to rock back and forth”.

So what we have is a seat for gamers, not for adults I would say, children below 4ft 6” it will be perfect for, great sound and bass that will do your mum and dad heads in. It is also very comfortable and fun to rock back and forth. There is one issue, as my son found out, the power cable is a little too short and we both recommend getting an extension cable to allow for more freedom.

As this was in the end passed to my Son, I thought it was only suited if he gives the chair a score, my son said “5/5 dad, but that damn power cable is very annoying and I am going to dock half a mark for that so 4.5/5 please”.


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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