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Polygrammatic present playable debut of Super Mixtape at EGX 2015

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Polygrammatic are proud to present a playable debut of Super Mixtape at EGX this year.

Super Mixtape is a rhythm-based puzzle-platformer that has been stylistically built with the commodore 64 in mind and remixes retro-fuelled gameplay with musical manipulation. Guide ‘Mix’ the cassette across a fully reversible 2D world of A-Sides and B-Sides in his quest to reclaim ‘The Lost Tapes’ from the evil power of ‘The Steam’.

With a nostalgic late 80’s narrative and levels built to a beat that you control, define your own path using refined physics, unique mechanics and a fully interactive soundtrack that shapes the very landscape and its formidable puzzles around you.

Players of Super Mixtape will be given an opportunity to randomly win prizes during EGX.

Polygrammatic are an exciting new independent game development studio based in Cornwall. Creating enjoyable experiences through considered content creation. They deliver gaming immersion though player interaction and remix traditional gameplay for the modern-day gamer.


Polygrammatic will be presenting Super Mixtape in the Rezzed Zone for the entire duration of EGX.

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