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Shadow Hand @EGX 2015

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Shadowhand by Grey Alien Games is a sweet little solitaire-like card game, following on from their style of Regency Solitaire. You follow the adventures of Shadowhand, a Highwaywoman who wants to keep her identity of Lady Darkmoor secret… I just spilt the beans, now she’s after me. As she travels she will find both allies and enemies, then sit down for a nice game of cards to depict if she dies or continues on her way. We got to play a bit of the game as well as talk to one of the developers.

I got to play 3 levels/stages of the game, with a short tutorial on how the game plays, choose a card 1 number higher or lower than your current deck card to take it from the board, then continue on in that fashion until all cards are gone. You get given multiplayers and gold depending on how well you do, with combos giving you higher and higher multipliers. You don’t need to get rid of all of the cards as some levels can be done with a few left on the board, but say goodbye to your star rating at the end.

It wasn’t just calm solitaire though as it was also combined with a battle mechanic, with combining cards from the board to charge up my dagger and pistol to attack an opponent who was also playing on the same board. This mechanic added in so many more dimensions to the game as you never know what card the opponent will get so you won’t want to leave them with a string of cards to chain. Once you have charged a weapon you can attack with 1 of them, but this ends your turn so plan wisely when you’re on the attack.

Besides normal solitaire some cards are flipped over, put into spirals of varying designs and locked cards requiring keys on the board making the game more complex than normal. All these designs choices make the game so unique and each stage felt better than the last, keeping you on your toes and challenging you in different ways each time. I did get confused at some points, but I blame the noise around for some of that… I’m good at games I swear.

(A fellow journalist playing some of the game)

(A fellow journalist playing some of the game)

Overall Shadowhand was a very fun game to see at Eurogamer, it has a light hearted feel to it with some interesting gameplay. I am a fan and avid player of card games, especially solitaire, so this appealed to me a lot, changing the game to be even more involved and exciting. Besides all the other stuff I mentioned there is also talk of a levelling system, inventory, buying items and more mechanics at hand later on. It did lack some animation and voice acting but I was reassured they were coming in at a later time.

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