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Unbox @EGX 2015

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Unbox by prospect game is a fun little Mario Kart-like racing/battle game all wrapped in a nice little box… hehe. We got to play 2 levels of this at Eurogamer as well as talk to some of the people working on the game, I also got 1st place in a race so I got a good feel for the game while I played. The 1st level consisted of a straight race whereas the 2nd level was more of a Deathmatch so we got to see very different sides of the game.

(I will try and hold off on the puns now)

While playing through the racing match I found it quite similar to Mario Kart levels, with several drops off into death in the form of water, cardboard does horribly when soaked. Holding forward made the boxes tumble along, the speed comes when you jump with A then Unbox in mid-air with LT for another 5 possible jumps to continue the momentum. Jumping is both your way of making progress as well as keeping in 1st place, as there are several gaps, shortcuts and raps you need to cross in the levels, with unboxes only regenerating when you pick up a health box.

The Deathmatch game mode started us off with 0 points and the same mechanics of the racing level, but in an arena style Ice cap. Jumping onto ledges, rolling into gaps to get the pickup boxes we got in the racing level for rockets, dynamite and more to blow up the opponents for points. Health boxes were also present on this level for giving us our Unboxes back, used more for dodging and getting pickups in this game mode. The battle was fast and hectic with the 4 players, missiles shooting off into different places and mines being left near boxes, the sneaky buggers.

Both game modes felt familiar and were extremely fun to play with others, racing came naturally and the controls of jumping instead of rolling did not feel weird for too long. I got into the rhythm of the game pretty quickly, it felt natural after the first lap. This is definitely a game you can pick up and play with some friends, it even feels easier to play then Mario Kart due to its simplicity at points and lack of Boosting powerups.

We were told there is customisation available so you won’t just be a simple board looking box… sorry I tried. Achievements were also mentioned on top of leader boards so competitive play is one of the things this game aims for. Steam works is the place the developers want this game to hit and possibly consoles if they can, the more platforms the better.

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