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Aaero @EGX 2015

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Aaero by Mad Fellows, bringing back memories of Gitaroo Man on the PS2, this is a rhythm game based on movement, charging and blasting your enemies out of the sky. Similarly to games like AudioSurf and Gitaroo Man there is a line placed in the level, curving and stopping to the beat of a song you select, as you follow that line you will gain points with multiplayers for sticking to the line. Heavily based on music, this game also brings in Panzer Dragoon style shooting as you select targets to shoot at.

Controls in this game are simple, left Thumbstick to move your ship, putting it the edges of the stick itself is enough to keep to most lines so that isn’t too hard. Right Thumbstick controls your targeting system, highlighting any enemies you move it over then shooting when you press RT. Rapid fire is a possibility if you quickly hover over an enemy then press the fire button in quick succession, which can help quite a lot when having to shoot down several enemies, mines/missiles as well as the bosses at hand.

All the music in the game is licensed so don’t expect an entirely new soundtrack, although the tracks they have selected fit completely with the visual style of the game and gameplay. Extra tunes pop in when you successfully grind a line, adding another piece of quality to each track as well as another incentive to do well. There isn’t much of a disadvantage to missing a line, besides score and sound, so it isn’t detrimental if you’re still learning the game.

When talking with one of the developers he did say that they are currently testing destructible/dynamic levels where you can shoot the level to open a path or destroy enemies easier. They also talked about some co-op modes they were trying out and we did talk a bit about how that could develop into competitive play outside of their scoring modes.

One of the main points about this game is that I found it incredibly fun, the music was action packed and since it is licensed you have a guarantee it will sound great. The gameplay is solid and easy to learn, scoring makes you want to do better and enemies challenge you to using both hands at once to follow lines with the left Thumbstick and target them with the right at the same time. I am looking forward to when I get to play some more of this game.

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