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Guitar Hero Live – First Impressions @ EGX 2015

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I hope that giant amplifier wasn’t just a metaphor for overcompensation…

I’ve always loved Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I still regularly use my Xbox 360 gear to play the games and thoroughly enjoy doing so. I was excited then to have a go at the newest instalment of the first of these two series at EGX 2015 – Guitar Hero Live.

Set up in a giant amplifier and with slightly shorter queues than some of the other major upcoming titles, weighing in at just one hour, Guitar Hero had quite a presence at the event. In the queues they were even demoing the new controller for the game and playing some music in an attempt to entertain those waiting to play. Aside from the demo of the guitar however, there wasn’t an awful lot to do whilst you waited, and perhaps this didn’t help too much with getting people hyped for what was to come.

The new guitar itself is worth a mention, as there has been a notable overhaul in gameplay style which has come with it. This of course is a risky move for an already established franchise with a big cult following, especially when close competitors Rock Band have opted to stick to what fans already know and love. The new controller is light and slightly smaller, a little too small and simple in my opinion, than before. It looks and feels slightly cheap compared to the new Rock Band model. The new six finger control system is quite the learning curve as well, and even the staff at the booth would not offer a solid answer when asked if it was a better, easier or even preferable system to the old one.

When I got inside and kicked off a song I immediately found the on screen track complicated and could not appreciate the button setup at all. As a guitar lover and a fan of the classic games, my reaction initial reaction was that they have gone and ruined their own perfectly good game. This may have been premature, as in fairness I had only played five minutes worth of the game. So far though I am not sold on this new game. I heartily hope that the full release version of Guitar Hero Live proves me wrong and changes my mind. This is one of the biggest releases on my calendar this year, and I really, really want to like it, but at this point the game still has some work to do to get me there…

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