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Star Wars Battlefront – First Impressions at EGX 2015

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This game is exactly what it needed to be!

Star Wars Battlefront was the game which I was most unsure about, most wanted to try out, and most wanted to turn out to be amazing going into EGX 2015. Star Wars Battlefront II is probably my favourite and most played game ever, and I did not want to see the re-imagined follow up to it being an unrecognisable Battlefield clone. This event was very much the make or break moment for me and this series then. It was crunch time.

The demo which I played at EGX was a split screen survival mode setup on Tatooine. Similar in style to Halo’s old Firefight or, to some extent, Call of Duty’s Zombies mode, the game involved myself and my girlfriend playing as Rebel soldiers taking down several waves of Stormtroopers coming our way. It started off pretty easy, but throw a few AT-ST walkers and some Shock Troopers into the mix and things got interesting pretty fast.

First things first let me make one key point very clear. I had only played for about two minutes before deciding that this was not in fact a Battlefield clone and that it was in fact awesome. Not quite falling in line with the original Battlefront games but similar enough to act as a well thought out continuation of their legacy, this new game truly felt like the perfect next-gen Battlefront title. And this is after just two minutes – we hadn’t even gotten into to the bulk of it yet!

These revelations proceeded to be confirmed by what followed. The game is challenging but also realistic for the Star Wars universe. One shot at a Stormtrooper can take them down if your aim is true, but shields and armour come into play to mix things up in that area. The sound effects and visuals are all spot on too, and you easily become immersed in the action. If you ever wanted to be in Star Wars this is as close as we have ever come to it yet.

A great balance has been struck between creating a game for mainstream FPS fans, Star Wars fans and Battlefront fans alike. There is plenty of variety, customisation and realism to enjoy, and more action and raw, unadulterated awesome than you can possibly imagine. Yeah, at this point I am fan girling a bit, but that just underlines the fact that this game has turned out to be everything that it promised it would be. I just hope that the rest of it turns out to be this good too!

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