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Worms W.M.D. – First Impressions at EGX 2015

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Back to basics and back in the game!

Before EGX I didn’t even realise a new Worms game was on the way. It has crept up so quietly and there have been so many of late that even as a big fan of the games I somehow had no idea. Nevertheless, upon the revelation that there is another game coming I sat straight down to play it!

Nothing beats a Worms game for casual fun that pretty much anybody can grasp the concept of and enjoy. My personal favourite is Worms 3D, and everyone will have a preference of their own. It is probably fair to say that most gamers will have played one title or another in the series at some stage, and whether they liked it or loathed it this shows that Worms is a franchise for all. This new game stays true to this mentality, and appears to take a step back towards its original roots.

What we are looking at is another 2D version of Worms, and one which has made a point of stepping aside from the most recent styles of the games to go back towards the basics. The demo I played had none of the physics objects, on-map water sources or off the wall new weapons which the most recent couple of titles had thrown into the mix. There was also none of this business of different classes of worm going on either. Instead there was a new, cartoony art style, a simplified map layout which looked much more traditional, and an arsenal of some of the most recognised and appreciated Worms weapons there are.

Just being a demo battle, it is not possible of course to say what might be added by the 2016 release of the game, but going on what was on show I was impressed. I am glad that some of the more recent games features have been dropped in favour of creating what will surely be a fan-loved, updated version of the core Worms game style. Playing W.M.D. was good fun and made me laugh, which is all you ever needed or wanted from these games. From the moment I threw my first Concrete Donkey to the moment I tossed my final Holy Hand Grenade, I was in the moment and loving the experience.

Worms W.M.D. is certainly one to watch if you are a fan of these games, and if they are new to you then try and have a go at it. This is the perfect time to get into a franchise which gamers love, in its back-to-basics style and in the form that it was meant to be played. I for one will find the wait for Worms W.M.D. a long one now that I have had a taste of the action. Roll on 2016!

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