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Allreli Bluetooth Headset Review

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The difference between headsets and earphones is now minimal, and in this day and age it is rare to find new earphones who do not feature characteristics from headsets. What were ones two completely different gadgets are now so alike that difference is barely even noticed. The Allreli Headset is one such item, which may seem as Bluetooth headphones but are much more useful than this.

For starters, this headset is wireless. A wire as thin as earphones’ may not be that big of a nuisance, but after wearing these for a couple of weeks you realize how comfortable it is to just put your phone in your pocket and wave your hands about. You can pretty much do anything you want, while the small wire protruding from your phone to your ear is often times a source of rage, most times due to you or something hitting the wire and getting them out of your ears.


Apart from serving as earphones, the headset is also incredibly useful in taking calls. You can answer calls from the power button on the side of the right cuff, and also raise or decrease the volume of both calls and music from the right cuff as well. Unfortunately, the earphones do not include a microphone, so you still need to raise your phone to your mouth, looking like a detective taking notes about a homicide.

Connecting the headset is extremely easy, and is explained just as easily on the booklet which comes in the box. You turn on the headset by pressing the power button on the right cuff for a couple of seconds, and the little light at the end of the cuff will start glowing red and blue, indicating that power is on but the headset is not connected. Then, turn on Bluetooth on your chosen device to pair the headset with, and wait for a few seconds for it to show up in the available devices. Select the headset and you’re good to go! A voice from the headset saying “Connected” will also sound, to make you sure that both devices are paired.


As for battery life, the headset’s booklet says that it lasts for around two hours, but using it daily for almost three has proven that it lasts for quite a lot more. While three hours may not sound long, it definitely serves a couple of rides on the bus, which means that until you are going to ride again, you can charge the headset. Charging is also another easy task, since you open the little cover on the right cuff and connect a micro USB to it and to a power source or a pc. It is also a relatively quick process, since it charges rather fast. Charging the headset for around 30 minutes will recharge more than an hour’s worth of playback, so a little time hooked up will yield double in music. Pretty cool!

All in all, this headset serves its purpose perfectly. It keeps all its promises, since it does not promise something out of this world, but rather convenience, utility and longevity at a good price. It is obvious that you are not buying the world at this price, but for all it’s worth, it is sure money well spent.


Disclaimer:All scores given within our reviews are based on the artist’s personal opinion; this should in no way impede your decision to purchase the game.

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