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Mionix Sargas M – Soft Gaming Mouse Pad

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Before I received this mouse pad to review, I’d never felt the need to have anything more than a cheap and cheerful square I keep on my desk to show me where the mouse should live.

Having now swapped my daily use pad, from my now retired cheap mat, to the 370mm wide and 260mm deep cloth pad, I’m a convert. Not only, is the feel under my wrist nicer, but sometimes I feel like my mouse is performing slightly better, whether placebo effect or not. It’s a good feeling.



When I opened the packet, I could see thought had been put into making the product jump of the shelf, the bright yellow front, with nice simple text makes it stand out. My favourite part as a consumer, who occasionally goes shopping outside, is the fact I would have been able to feel the surface of the pad before I bought it. Which had I been able to do with several of it’s predecessors would have been an instant no.

Once it’s out of the box, it’s a simple but attractive looking mat, as mouse pads go. A simple yellow on black pattern of the company logo which added a new colour to my poorly colour coordinate setup.



For me, the single drawback is this. It’s too big for my desk, not a problem for all I’ll admit but I could use a bigger desk. This is the downside of my setup, the desk wasn’t really build for multiple monitors, a clunky keyboard and enough room to have a good amount of mouse space.


Will it make me better at games?

No. It will however make them feel easier to play, I’ve had a lot less lifting a re-centering my mouse these past couple of weeks, it’s helped in this regard not only for gaming but for many of the other things I use my PC for, and the surface has helped keep my inputs accurate when some of my older mouse mats have been a bit touch and go in that regard.


Should you buy it?

If you have the space, and your getting sick of mouse mats the don’t have the space for gaming properly, yes. Having only experienced this pad, I couldn’t say if it was better than it’s rivals, but it is awfully good, and has converted me from basic mats, to gaming pads.

In summary, it’s all about the craftsmanship, and this mat has ticked any box I could have thought to set it. I can only give it a 10, because I feel it’s made my life easier, no more lifting my mouse now.

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