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Lego Marvel Avengers Review

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Lego games are nothing new at this point, almost everyone has played one and knows how they work, you get a large roster of characters, Lego bits to collect and build up through the level, usually focused around one particular series of movies too, Lego Avengers is a little different, you still have Lego parts to collect and you can still build bits of Lego up, but its more focused on one movie, which gives it a more focused feel, but also a smaller feel.


Graphically the game is top notch, environments are designed with a realistic look, with Lego over the top of it, towers, walls and certain areas are all made up of Lego mostly that are destroyable, with characters and cars and tanks running over the top of it. It all looks like what you would expect from the next Lego game, but it definitely fits the bill nicely. Lego characters look nice, they look round and…well Lego-y like you would expect. Game is pretty smooth too, no slowdowns or lag happened whilst I was playing even with a lot of action on screen at once.

Cut scenes are really quite nice, with the correct voice actors which I think is the first in a Lego game, making it even closer to the movie. Well this game is basically the movie, just in Lego form, not sure how much I enjoy that, each cut scene is from the movie as you would expect, but it feels more like that movie/game you always expect after the release, just with Lego instead, not necessarily a bad thing, just different from these kind of Lego games.



Gameplay is what we have seen before, 2 characters at time that you can switch between, you can deal your little punch combo, with a special move for each hero, Captain America throws his shield, Iron man uses his laser beam etc.  Each of these special moves have uses in the levels, Iron Mans beam? Use it to melt metal, well certain coloured metal, Silver metal can be only blown up, and these are scattered through the levels as you go along.  Hulk can use his strength to smash certain areas, Captain America can use his shield as a handle for very specific holes to open up doors. It’s nothing major, if you played their release of Lego Marvel Hero’s, you will have already been used too and seen all of these interactions already



Some problems I had with the game is some odd choices, for one, I really don’t like infinitely spawning enemies, especially when you are asking me to complete a task that is a little obscure, I don’t want to be running around an area, waiting for a help box to appear just like in every other area, whilst fighting the same 2 enemies repeatedly.  In fact, a lot of my frustration in this game was due to suddenly for no reason the games LACK of hand holding. Throughout the game I will explain and tell you every little bit of what to do, apart from certain areas. The first area is a great example, there is a tank that has rapid fire turret, that turns as fast as you can run, and bullets you cannot dodge that throw you back.



So I run at it, and try and destroy it, that doesn’t work, I notice that there is a green circle on the floor, so I run my character too it, whilst repeatedly being shot at and dying because there is NO cover to hide behind for some reason. I get my character into the circle, my character gets knocked out, I get back in. Then I have to move my OTHER character to this same point. Repeat being shot at without being able to dodge, until I get their again. This whole unneeded difficult section was just to blow up the tank and I have no idea why it tried to be so difficult. Some areas just have these obscene difficulty spikes that I have not come across in other Lego games before.



My other major gripe is the special moves your players can do, you can execute enemies by hitting them, then pressing the button to do some fancy super hero finisher. This looked quite nice the first time I tried it, Hawkeye jumps on top of their shoulders, pulls their head off and back flips off…straight into a ravine, instantly killing my character.

Oh okay, one off, I think, Nope, I ended up rarely using these moves because they seemed to hurt me more than anything else, throwing me into fire, pits and into other groups of enemies making them very frustrating to use. Also if you need a shield to put out fires, don’t make me do a front flip forward, this just causes me to end up in the rest of the fire dealing damage to me.


Lego avengers is an odd title, I’ve been a massive fan of the Lego games, and really enjoyed going through the whole set of movies that come with the series, Lego Harry potter and Pirates of the Caribbean being my favourite. It would have been nice to maybe of seen both avenger’s movies put together, or something that covered all the Marvel series 1 movies in one Lego game.

But it has lots of characters to unlock and play with, different secrets through each level that you need these new characters to unlock so it isn’t a shallow experience, just a different one which isn’t the worst thing in the world. With some goo graphics and mostly good gameplay, it’s a solid title in the Lego series of games, 7/10.


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