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Sandberg Blast Mouse Review

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This mouse, coming as a superior brother to the Thunderstorm Keyboard, the Blast Mouse is also made by Sandberg. While not showing off its name in the design, only having a light in the middle for the most part, it doesn’t lack for features and buttons. While other mice will have up to 10 numbered buttons on the side to set macros this comes with buttons in more strategic places, where your fingers would naturally lay.

Blast Mouse Top Buttons


Combining with the Thunderstorm Keyboard, the Blast Mouse also have a metal base and weighty design, making it a much more “Sturdy” device. Moving it around takes a bit more effort but feels a lot more immersive, it is more of a computer peripheral then a piece of plastic due to the weight behind it. While the keyboard is all about standing still the Blast Mouse doesn’t work against your hand movements, gliding across your mouse mat with ease.

The design itself follows the robotic or transformer aesthetic of others gaming mice, but cutting down on the flair some of those show. It has an opened middle design allowing the light to bleed out over the rest of the mouse and area around it, along with metal flaps on the side of the top and bottom of the buttons. Some of these aesthetics can cut into your hand however, with the right side being the most worrisome.

I had a few problems with my mouse in particular, the left click would make a squeaking noise if clicked in rapid succession, due to shooter/slasher games. On top of that the right mouse was also fighting my ability to press it, becoming stiff and sticking down after I had let go, I simply switched to another button after finding this defect. The middle mouse wheel also likes to show off with an irritating sound every now and then, more of a dry squeak but still annoying.

Blast Mouse Supportive Rear


Including the left, right and middle mouse buttons, the Blast Mouse comes with 10 buttons on it, 1 below each normal button and 3 on the left side. With each button you can change what they do with the provided software, from normal clicks to triple clicks, changing DPI setting, turning off the light, windows key and more. Since you can also change the right and left clicks it could be viable as an ambidextrous mouse.

The software provided allows you to change the setting of all keys, with the ability to program a macro yourself for them. Besides that you can also set 4 different DPI settings, from 250 up to 4000, allowing you to set modes for how fast you want your cursor to move, as well as setting a colour for the mice to light up as for each. There are advanced settings for mouse, scrolling and double click speeds on the side menu too, allowing even more customisability.

While the mouse doesn’t have the multitude of buttons that some “pro” mice have, the way they are designed and placed pander to a more general audience then the elite pro haxor nova crew. The buttons don’t intimidate, against other mice who have 10 buttons on the left side alone. However, the buttons of the very bottom left are hard to press at times, due to them being placed at your thumb as well as being so low you will be “squashed” against the base of the mouse.

Blast Mouse Side Feathering

Overall Thoughts and Feelings

Against its keyboard counterpart, the Blast Mouse is an excellent addition to your set up, it installs easily and comes with a program to change almost every aspect of it. It is designed with sturdiness in mind whilst still keeping an interesting and engaging aesthetic. It does have more problems, due to the finickiness of the left, right and middle buttons but those can ignored overtime or overcome with programing some of the other buttons.

For the price this is an amazing Mouse, it does the job better than most and makes its presence known by its sturdy design and colour. While it does have defects those could be due to the device that I was sent, however at this price you can’t expect perfection. It has the right amount of buttons in my mind, but might not suit the higher-end gamers who want a button to cover every part of their device.

The Sandberg Blast mouse gets a 9/10, the price tag is definitely not shown in the mouse itself, being of much higher quality than normal. It looks cool in aesthetic while not getting rid of functionality, combined with the ability to change the setting of all buttons and how much they affect what you are doing all add into a very powerful device. Some design choices might hurt your hand now and then, but positioning can solve those problems. Yet again, the durable design also means you shouldn’t be replacing this anytime soon.

blastBlast Mouse Side Buttons

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