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Steelseries Siberia 200 Review

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Siberia, a long line of headsets focusing on the Gaming side of computer users, coming out with the 200 V2 series. Going for a much sleeker and slimmer design then other headsets this version boasts both power as well as the ability to take it wherever you need to go, even to those pesky LAN events where gear can sometimes get damaged along the way.


The whole headset both looks and feels high quality, the sleek and shiny design gives off a wonderful aesthetic, while not being as bulky as many other brands. The ear muffs, while not fuzzy, do provide plenty of hours of comfort for your ears with no complaints from me however they are a tad too small. The wires on the other hand don’t really feel you with a sense of security, looking too flimsy to warrant travel.

The two halves of the headset, Sound and Voice, are quite some leagues apart from one another. Whereas the sound quality is top notch, especially for listening to music which in games can be quite epic, the voice quality lacks quite a bit. My last headset which was falling apart and would break at certain times gave me a much clearer voice when talking to other people, but with the V2 my voice contains the fan of my computer as well as a hint of Robotic-ness. While the voice isn’t “bad” it can certainly be a lot better.


The Siberia 200 has one of the more unique designs I have seen in headsets, having more retracting and adjustable parts then other models. The softer headrest is on 4 wires, adjusting to your head shape and size automatically as well as resting nicely on your head, up to the actual hard headrest. This allows for more variety in peoples head though it does bring down the control you have over it, as some people prefer more secure ways of adjusting your headset with tighter settings or looser.

The microphone is also very adjustable, almost wire like in design, it can rotate and bend almost everywhere until you push it into the headset itself where it will be stored safe and sound. However due to the way it is made it doesn’t feel rather flimsy, several times I felt I was going to snap it when adjusting. Since it hides in the headset the Microphone definitely feels safer when you take it on the go, no need to worry about it bending out of shape or getting caught on something.

Like most headsets it also has a little box down the wire that connects to your devices, allowing you to flip a switch to mute your microphone along with a dial for headset volume. Going for another minimalistic look the box is rather small, meaning it doesn’t contain any other functions or buttons. It also comes with Microphone/Headphone jacks so you will have to get a USB converter if you use speakers besides a headset.

Overall Thoughts and Feelings

Overall the Siberia 200 is a great “small” headset that you can take with you to events, however due to how flimsy it looks as well as feels I have reservations about packing it with other devices. The mic should always be secure and with the wire design it can fit any sort of position you will want it in, though due to voice quality I wouldn’t suggest the headset for voice recording. The Sound quality is where the headset shines as it sounds so much better then speakers or TVs, enhancing any music or game you might be playing at the time.

The Siberia 200 gets a 8/10, while it has all the functions needed of a headset with great sound quality it lacks too much in other areas to get any higher. The voice quality on the microphone is just too low for multiplayer gaming or recording, while it is audible it can get quite frustrating with the background noise and static it can deliver with it. It is easy to pack up and go, with most of it compressing down, however on the flip side it doesn’t allow you much in the way of adjusting headrest height or device adjustments like other headsets that can swap PC/Console modes or mute sound etc.


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