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VR Shinecon Review

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This product is for a very niche market of gamers, who want the VR experience on their mobile. Something which I’d never considered, as there is a vast difference in handset capabilities. My own handset is not compatible with most of the available apps on the google Play Store.

I had to borrow a phone to test the device, but this doesn’t say anything about the product, only that I might need to upgrade my phone if I wanted to get more into the VR Mobile games, which are an interesting if not novel way to experience game.



The headset is comfortable to wear, and the viewer is adjustable and would suit any viewer using it. This is a useful feature as it would enable any user to slide their phone in and set it up to allow them to experience the available apps with the mobile at a comfortable position for viewing.

If headphones are worn with it, I never managed to get my headphones and the device to sit comfortably, as the straps were often low the side of my head, digging into the top of my ears. As these are necessary for the full experience, it would be useful to have a more accessible way to plug the phone in, along with a space to properly cool the phone.



Some of the exterior plastics and latches felt like they wouldn’t last all that long, before needing replaced. Although as this isn’t something I could see being used everyday, this might not make huge difference in the end.

The space to keep your phone, and hold it in position could do a little bit of reinforcement as more than once the phone moved while turning in game, and once or twice when it was open the phone was no longer sat in properly and was loose in the headset.

The way the set deals with making the split in the screens on the phone disappear works well with most of the apps I tried, and it was very convincing in some cases.

Overall it was very interesting to try a headset like this and get a look at some of the games and apps available for the technology, I personally feel that there is a very limited market for VR on mobile phones, but this is a good example of something for this market. It’s just a shame the market is so small, and the compatibility was an issue for me, I’m not convinced this is an area that will be grasped as the rest of the gaming market.

You ca purchase the product over at Gearbest for a price of $23.69* (Price taken 29.02.2016, subject to change)


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