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CMStorm Pitch Pro Gaming Earphones Review

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I find the idea of communicating with people whilst playing online stupid.  The same applies to the idea of wearing a ridiculously large pair of expensive, uncomfortable, plastic ear muffs also whilst playing; I’m also a very antisocial cynic which doesn’t help too.  I also think the idea of wearing massive headphones anywhere outside of your own home is incredibly goofy, music & sound belongs in your ears, not over the top of them gradually causing mass amounts of discomfort and sweat to appear.  Wow! This segway is not going in the direction I hoped it would, erm … “I hate big expensive headsets, so here’s a little pair of cheap earphones I’ve got” …… nailed it!


I present to you the latest in powerful in ear audio gaming peripherals from the beasts at CoolerMaster, the CM Storm Pitch Pros, currently retailing under £30.  Featuring “Crystal Clear and rich bass sounds”, these super light metal ear buds claim to provide power, durability and comfort to all players and music lovers alike.  Featuring a slim in-line remote to easily answer calls or play/pause your audio, the Pitch Pros aim to be the only pair of earbuds you should need, no matter where you go and what you do.  Inside the box you’ll also find additional ear tips at different sizes, a convenient travel pouch and airplane adaptor as well as an audio/mic splitter to cooperate with what ever set up you may have or need.  With the folks at CoolerMaster being known for their reliability, power and innovation, there’s no doubt that these will be impressive, but how do they rack up specifically as an alternative to a mighty gaming headset?  Pretty well actually!


Even before sticking them in my ears I’m impressed with how they look.  Earbuds are more difficult to dole up than a headset, but CoolerMaster have made theirs sleek, striking and indeed cool with a lush bright red colour and fat torpedo design.  The cable is thick and rubbery enough to avoid getting as tangled as your typical pair of earbuds, so fear not when you shove them in your pocket, they’ll still be in a useable state when you next take them out.  The default bud ends themselves were a little big for my ears so it was great to have options for a couple of slightly varying sizes, they were however a mild ball-ache to remove and replace, no where near as clean as others I’ve owned in the past.


I like my music with plenty of bass, so imagine my relief when their claim of “Crystal Clear and rich bass sounds” was proven to be a fact.  In all honesty, the Sennheiser’s that I am currently using daily provide a meatier sound, but seeing that the primary function of the Pitch Pros is for gaming, the sound coming from them is still superbly clear and rich.  In regards to gaming they were incredibly comfortable to use, so much so that it made me detest headphones even more so.  My ears weren’t getting crushed or too hot, my head wasn’t weighed down and they worked by simply being plugged into my PS4 controller, how many headsets on the market can actually match these with comparable quality?  On the other end my voice came through clearly and, despite dangling just below my chin, I wasn’t muffled by movement or dramatic volume changes.  Even with both music, SFX and chat coming through the same channel, each one of them came through clearly, just as I did to the geezer on the other end.  It’s safe to say that as good as they are, you do get what you pay for in that respect.  The ones I am currently using for music cost double the price and as an audio producer I can notice a significant difference, but that being said, what you get from the CMSTORM Pitch Pros is more satisfying than you would initially think, so if anything they’re an absolute steal!


It’s not difficult to find a pair of earphones that sound great, but to find a pair that also look great is something of a tougher task, so CoolerMaster have done remarkably well to do both.  The buds feel secure, durable and light in my ears and the sound coming from them is powerful and rich.  The Pro Pitch Earbuds sound great both in and out of gaming, and the microphone quality tangling below your face too is of fantastic and necessary quality.  If you’re after a well made, reliable and cheap alternative to the high end tosh on the shelves of your local GAME store, then look no further, these bad boys offer staggering results on and off the online battlefields.


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