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CMStorm Swift RX XL Mouse Mat Review

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Today I’m going to be going over the Cooler master CS Storm Swift – RX XL, one behemoth of a mouse pad. I’ve been testing it with a Corsair K70 RGB and a Mionix Naos 8200 whilst trying a bunch of games including CS:Go, LoL and Black Desert.  It’s had a 2-week test and I am massively impressed so far.

Over time I’ve used just my wooden desk, a small 3rd party, Chinese mouse mat, and the Razer Firefly.


Starting with the packaging, I was honestly surprised at how large the box was, but that was mostly because I did not expect the pad to be as large as it actually was. It came rolled up in a very sturdy cardboard box, with the usual blurb all over. I was quite impressed that I did not have to worry about the mat curling at the edges, considering its thickness, so I was able to use it instantly. My only complaint was that out the box my matt smelt… really bad. It wasn’t just usual new smell, it was something extra.

The mouse pad is being sold as a mouse pad for precision gaming over any mouse, which I have to give it, it does manage this. So far I have had Zero problems so far, I’ve had a few problems before, I’m not sure why, random jitters across the screen, so far I’ve had nothing but smooth gaming, so Cooler master isn’t pulling any punches with this.

This mouse pad is a massive  900 x 360 x 3 mm, that is nearly an entire meter across, sitting happily on your desk.


This mouse is absolutely huge, easily covering the whole of my table, and much bigger than the area where I use my mouse and keyboard, and I have a pretty big keyboard. It has a very smooth material for the surface with a very definite ridge to the whole pad, making it easy to know when I’m approaching the sides. The underside is an expected rubber finish that grips very well. I’ve had a few mats that moved a little too much in the past when playing CS: GO or LoL in more… excited moments, only causing my death, but I have not been able to move this mat yet.


Matt is thankfully also machine washable, which is great to know, do not let cats near, ever. But it survived with no frayed edges or problems after coming out.
Design wise, apart from being absolutely massive, it is great to use. Compared to other mouse mats, which are usually pretty thin, this is, in comparison, very thick and quite comfortable to lean on when typing or using my mouse which I really like, previous mats have left my wrists a little sore. The thickness also helps the feel of using my mouse, I press down a little more heavily onto it. This pad doesn’t seem to give, and makes it much easier to game on for longer periods of time. The design is a matt black with very little in the way of any design features except a small logo in the top right corner, that is buried under my monitor stand. Very minimal and I like that.


After using with some games, here is what I enjoyed.

CS:Go was a great game with this, the main pro is that I had no movement of the actual pad as I did with the Fire Fly, or the cheapo pad. I also didn’t have my aim, swing wildly when moving around, maybe to a defect in the cheapo matt being so cheap.
Also over a long period of time, my wrist fared much better, with less pain after a longer period of time, which is great due to the more cushioned matt.

Leauge of Legends another great story, I tend to press more heavily on my mouse when playing LoL, must be all that “Team Work”, but again, no pain in my wrist and my mouse was always where I wanted it to be, very impressed again!

This pad is honestly amazing, it’s currently £25 on Amazon, and for that price it is a ridiculous bargain, Cooler Master has honestly outdone themselves, and if you are after a full surface mouse mat there is no other comparison.

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