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It was never about selling robots 

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From the moment of founding the company to now, the achievements that give us the best fulfillment are never about sales — they are always about impact on people’s lives.

Last fall, we launched a program with Pencils Of Promise (PoP), to attempt to fund schools in developing countries through the sales of our robots. We wanted the program to be perpetually successful — irrespective of the size of the success of our company. That’s why we contribute portion of our sales to fund these schools. The better we do, the more schools we can fund!

This means that every one of you who ordered a Dash to support learning and fun for your own children also helped a child in need! We are excited to announce that we’ve collectively raised enough to fund educational programs at a school serving the Goviepe-Todzi community in Ghana!

These kindergarteners in Goviefe are very excited for their new classrooms!

These kindergarteners in Goviefe are very excited for their new classrooms!

The Goviepe-Todzi Preschool and Primary School was built in 2013 and currently serves 218 students. Before this school was built, students went to school at an old health clinic structure. Some students had to carry chairs and desks from home to the school every day because there was not an environment well-suited for learning. This new funding will go towards literacy programming, including teacher support, 100 e-readers, and water and hygiene programming, that supports student learning.

The community members in Goviepe-Todzi take education very seriously and make it a priority to afford their children the opportunity to attend class in an environment that is conducive to learning and growth. This desire for our children to accomplish more than we did is universal no matter what part of the world you are from. We are excited help provide educational opportunities to the children of this community.

In the coming months, we will share news from the school as well as the impact this funding has on student outcomes! Thank you for your support – you helped make this program a reality for these children.

We believe it’s the legacy we leave behind with the work we do that matters.
It will never be about selling robots.

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