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Fake gaming torrents lead to potentially unwanted applications

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Symantec research has revealed that several sites have fake torrents for popular games. Popular games such as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and The Witcher 3 are being used as bait to trick users into silently installing potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) on their computer.

Symantec believes the parties behind this campaign are attempting to fly under the radar by abusing numerous pay-per-install affiliate programs. While this campaign only spreads PUA downloaders, the same distribution model may be used to deliver additional security risks or even malware down the road.

Nick Shaw, General Manager EMEA, Norton gamers to remain vigilant:

Gamers should think twice before downloading pirated content from torrent sites to avoid being affected by this campaign. Attackers often use these sites, along with the names of popular movies, TV shows, and games, to spread security risks and malware. It’s also important to always keep your security software up to date to protect yourself against security risks. Finally, pay attention to the security windows that may appear when opening a file. In this campaign, one of the computer’s pop-up windows identifies the fake .torrent file as an .exe, a sure sign that the file is not what it claims to be.”

For more information about the fake torrents, visit Symantec’s blog HERE – excerpt from the content is available below.


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