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My Three Current Favourite Games – By Daniel Hall

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This is Daniel Halls application feature 2000 words max

Currently, I have 3 favourite games, Overwatch, Borderlands 2 and Rocket League. I have roughly 265 hours in Rocket League (Not the most I’ve gotten in a game) and still enjoy it as much as I did when it was first released, especially with all the new game modes and DLCs coming out. I’ve always loved racing games, which is why this appealed to me, mixing it up with sporting games. I never got the chance to play SARPBC, which is the original Rocket League, but I really wish I had done. I used to play with friends quite regularly, but they’ve slowly stopped playing meaning I’ve played solo for most of my hours, as I do with most games (unfortunately, the same thing happened with Destiny) which would normally turn me off the game, but Rocket League seems to keep the fun-factor going as there’s all completely different modes, allowing a variation of play styles.

The wide range of aspects and details in the game makes it all the more satisfying for me, such as the ball exploding as you score a goal, or the little antennas you can decorate your cars with. That is also another likable feature, the decorations. The range of colours with multiple different patterns, as well as toppers and customization on the wheels gives you the opportunity to have a completely unique car to everyone else, making you stand out more if you please. As it is a tough call, I would also class Overwatch as a favourite game at the moment. The intense, objective-based playstyle is completely different to Rocket League, but I play a large variety of games/genres.

With the 21 different characters, all with different abilities, movement speeds, ultimate abilities, passives, all allow completely random setups for games, whether playing defensively or offensively, or just for fun. (Like having all 6 players on your team as Tracer) For example, having Bastion on the payload, covered by Reinhardt would require you to either think of tactics to flank, or change to different characters to easily oppose them as each character has another character to create a rivalry. The incredible amount of detail put into each character, Blizzard has done an incredible job of making backstories and lore. For example, Hanzo and Genji’s backgrounds in the Shimada Clan (my favourite) or the complete history of The Overwatch Initiative.

Again, the complete customization aspect is very appealing, being able to change the look of the characters based on the skins that come from loot boxes from leveling up, or changing the emotes and taunts you can show off. The character designs all being of different nationalities (though stereotyped) is a very nice touch, giving a range of voice lines and backstories. The last game being Borderlands 2, a game I’ve spent around 600+ hours on (90%PC, 10% Xbox 360), giving me stupid amounts of hours of fun and laughter when playing with friends. Borderlands 2 is an action RPG looter-shooter with a huge variety of everything.

For example, there are 6 characters (2 being DLC) all with different abilities, base stats, and play styles. There are 6 different gun manufacturers, all again with different aspects like being thrown like a grenade when reloaded, or being burst fire when scoped in. These guns give a whole new feel to the game, and can completely change the way you play if you use specific guns. The game can be played in this way with the popular challenge run called an Allegiance run, where you only use items of a specific manufacturer, even down to grenade mods and shields. Another popular challenge run, which I’ve tried many times myself, is a One Life Challenge, where if you die at all, by any means, you delete your character and start again.

This fits well with Borderlands’ character system, as you can have as many save files as you want, instead of limiting you to the usual 3 or 5. The leveling system is also detailed. At level 5, you unlock you character-specific ability, each level afterwards you get a skill point to upgrade your character with health boost, damage buffs, skill duration modifiers, etc. The max level is 50, but 2 of the DLCs come with max level increases, each increasing by 11 levels, bringing the cap to 72. Though this can be boosted slightly further with another DLC, adding 8 additional levels called Overpower Levels, increasing the difficulty of enemies and bosses while you are technically still level 72.

With this leveling system, the game also includes a lot of grinding to be done for levels and enemy specific loot to be on your level, and have the most damage output possible, which countless hours have been lost to this process. There are many DLCs in the game, 4 main ones, and multiple smaller ones called headhunter packs. The DLCs give whole new story lines to the game, allowing for extra leveling and new loot to be obtained. Which, in most people’s opinions, some of the DLC stories are better than the base game story. The base story is a continuation of the story from the games Borderlands, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, which I would wholly recommend also playing. This game allows for online matchmaking, as well as up to 4 player co-op, letting you play with friends as much as you want. This, in my opinion, is the best way to play as it doesn’t get boring quickly and as most games are the same, playing with others makes the experience so much better. The shear amount of side-quests, challenges and achievements in the game make it difficult to perfect, especially for a completionist like me.


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