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Hyper X Cloud Revolver Headset Review

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HyperX is well known, for providing gamers with one of the best gaming headsets around, when it comes to sound, The HyperX Cloud 2. Now HyperX has  gone one better and produced a headset, designed and constructed from the ground up, by them, but is it better or worse, or is it on par with the fan favourite Cloud 2?

ON Display – The Sales Pitch

When displayed, the cloud Revolver certainly stands out, the headset viewable on the front of the box with some of its selling features.

  • Studio-Grade Soundstage
  • Signature memory foam & premium leatherette
  • Durable Steel Frame
  • Noise Cancellation Mic


On one of the sides you see that this headset is bolstered by some of the biggest gaming organizations, from the likes of Intel Extreme masters (ESL), Teamliquid and SK Gaming, if you wish to find out more about these go to www.hyperxgaming.com/esports.

Moving around to the back of the box, you get some more details about the headset, pin pointing more features, which include

  • Audio control box with 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs
  • 500mm directional drivers
  • Suspension headband
  • Detachable noise cancelation mic
  • 5mm plug (4 pole)
  • Signature HyperX memory foam

The headset is suitable to use with the following VIOP programs,

  • Teamspeak
  • Discord
  • Skype
  • Ventrilo
  • Mumble
  • Raidcall


The Guts- checking out the headset

Removing the outer packaging, gives you access to the Cloud Revolver and a nice welcome message under the top of the box, Congratulations on joining the HyperX Team! Then a message from HyperX  General Manager Anders “GR8V1K1ng” Willumsen.

You also get a quick start guide, not needed and a Headset information guide, also not needed, as everything is common sense.

Removing the foam from the top gives you access to the headset itself and By golly, does it look nice, everything is well padded for protection during delivery/storage, so you know nothing is going to break on these anytime soon, well during the sales period and you buying, unless it was not tested before leaving the manufactures warehouse.


The Glory – first thoughts?

Lets first put down first thoughts, as this I find to be, how I react when I first get some new, so, detachable boom mic, great, but there is no way to flip it up out of the way when not in use you have to detach and put away. Suspension headband, reminds me so much of SteelSeries and their headsets. Putting them on, wow they cover my ears totally, feel comfortable as well, but tap the metal frame around it, the sound resonated into the earcups,not good. Braided cord, nice, that will stop the wires from tangling up, and the length, by golly, it’s long, very long. The controller on the braided cord controls the volume, microphone on and off, and also clips on clothing if required.

The Design – in my hands

The design is as expected, great, construction as expected, is perfect, from its suspension headband, that is padded really nice, to the embossed HYPERX logo. The ear pads are very well padded and super comfy when in use, the pressure on my head, is little to nothing. Each side of the ear cups has L &  to indicate which side goes on which ear, and the HX logo its pained onto each side, I originally thought that they would be light up with LED’s but, nope they just a visual design.

Everything about the design is stunning, well thought out, even with the slight air hole on the outside of the ear cups to allow some air to flow inside the ear cups when in use. I cannot fault the design, apart from the metal frame, that when clicked, really resonated into the ear cups.


The sound – Boom, Boom, Boom or Ting, Ting, Ting.

Thanks to its 12Hz to 28,000Hz you get to hear everything, as our human range goes up to a max of 20Hz, it’s clear that these headphones are going to offer a lot more, and a more clear range of sounds.  When in use, this is so true, these headphones, blow every other set of headphones out of the water, well the ones that I own that is, Which include the Steelseries 100,150,200,350,650 and 800, the Plantronics RIG 500E and my latest Razer Man O War, the sound quality out performs every one of them, leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, and I am not joking.

Everything is crystal clear, everything sound better, from bass to treble and everything in-between.  Then, using these headphones with my MSI GS70 and their software called Nahimic, everything just gets better in games, thanks to its processing power for virtual 7.1 surround sound. OMG, is all I wish to say, it’s a pure joy, playing games like The Division, or Assassin Creed, MOBA and FPS games, even adventure games like The Witcher 3, everything this headset can do, blows my mind, the sound is so great, it has to be used to be believed.

The Boom mic, is on par with all the other  microphones I have, not as good as desktop ones, but does the job when talking to friends online and in game.

I can not fault this headset, with its sound and quality of build, everything is beyond anything I expected from HYPER X, I sit here Clapping at I write with review, congratulations HYPERX you made me proud to give this headset a good score of 9/10, I am taking 1 point away simple due to the microphone not having an option to flip away when not in use, and the sound that comes from hitting the metal band, to the ear cups, other than that, this headset is, AWESOME.

Idea! Just popped into my head

LED Lighting option – the design around the ear cups (external), could be LED lights and react to volume controls, so increase volume, more red stripes would appear. Lower volume, less stripes will show, in basic term, volume level showcase.


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