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Game Lovers Industry Trivia Championship (GLITCh) – a gaming quiz event

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THX Games is proud to let you know that we’ll be visiting Gamescom this year, hosting the Game Lovers International Trivia Championship 2016 (GLITCh 2016) for members of the gaming media and Gamescom exhibitors. GLITCh is a gaming quiz event where the best minds of the industry can test their knowledge of games and the industry in general against each other.

To make sure you’re having fun, feeling fresh and relaxed, we’ll have coffee, water, snacks and a few massage chairs waiting for you in the booth if you register for the event.

If you’re interested in joining GLITCh to show that you are one of those best minds at Gamescom, or you just wanna have fun, please get in touch for registration details!

At Gamescom you will find us here:
Business Section
Hall 2.1Stand D-016
(Download the map)
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